Water Resources Grants & Financial Assistance

Look here for financial aid options for water-related concerns in the Commonwealth.

These financial assistance options are available for drinking water, wastewater, septic systems, wetlands and watersheds in Massachusetts.

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Assistance Program for Lead in School Drinking Water

This program provides technical assistance to public schools and childcare facilities to establish a screening program for lead and copper in drinking water. 

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The Community Septic Management Program

Financial assistance and incentives for communities and system owners. These programs can help provide low cost loans for septic management plans.

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Drinking Water Supply Protection Grant Program

This grant provides funds to assist public water systems and municipal water departments in protecting and conserving the quality and quantity of public drinking water supply sources in the Commonwealth.

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Gap III Energy Grant

The Massachusetts Gap Energy Grant Program provides state grant assistance to Municipal and District drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities for installing energy efficiency measures (e.g., variable speed drives; pumping, aeration, and HVAC upgrades etc.) and clean energy generation projects (solar photovoltaic, in-line hydropower, water source heat pumps etc.) at their plants and pumping stations.

MassDEP anticipates releasing our $5 Million Gap Energy Grant Program procurement documents on COMMBUYS in the near future.

To view our previous Gap grant awards and project information, please visit our story map here:
Massachusetts Gap Energy Grant Program.

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Interim PFAS6 Response Program

Summary: $2 million is available to help offset the cost of emergency response to MCL exceedances of “PFAS6” (the sum of six per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) contamination in drinking water. The funds will be distributed in three separate rounds according to Estimated Procurement Calendars provided in the Grant Opportunity.

Round 2 Grant Opportunity: The goal of the Round 2 PFAS6 Interim Response Grant Program is to provide grant funds for reimbursement of previously-incurred costs associated with a public water system's immediate response to PFAS6 contamination in its drinking-water supply.

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PFAS Treatment Grant

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) is pleased to offer a grant program to support the design of systems for treatment of drinking water in PFAS-impacted communities. The grant program also includes reimbursement for costs and expenses already incurred by impacted communities for the design of treatment systems for PFAS.

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Small System PFAS Grant Program

$1.05M is offered in grants to small PWSs to reimburse or pay for new long-term treatment of PFAS in water supplies that have an exceedance of the PFAS6 MCL.   The grant is open to public or private PWSs serving less than 3300 users. PWSs that have already received funding for the same project under MassDEP’s previous Rounds 1 and/or 2 of the PFAS Treatment Grant Program, the State Revolving Fund, or any other state or federal grant or loan, are not eligible for this Grant Opportunity.  This Grant program ends on June 30, 2023.

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State Revolving Funds

The State Revolving Fund Program provides low-interest loans to cities, towns, and other local governmental units for drinking water and wastewater-related infrastructure projects.

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Title 5/Septic Systems: Financial Assistance Opportunities for System Owners

Information about loans or tax credits available through MassHousing, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, and community-based programs.

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Water Management Act Grant Programs for Public Water Suppliers

This grant program is designed to assist eligible public water suppliers and municipalities with Water Management Act permits by providing funds for planning assistance, demand management, and withdrawal impact mitigation projects in local communities.

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Watersheds & Water Quality Grants and Financial Assistance

Grant program guides and other information about stormwater, Section 319 Nonpoint Source Grants (prevention, control, and abatement of nonpoint source pollution) and Section 604 Water Quality Management Planning (water quality assessment and management planning), and summaries of projects from past years.

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