You can now book your PT-1 rides online, through an app, or by phone

Stay up to date on news from the HST Office, including new options for scheduling your trips and opportunities to share your feedback.

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Book trips online or with an app to avoid waiting on hold

Once your PT-1 is approved, you're ready to book your MassHealth rides through your Broker. You can now book those rides online or through an app in addition to calling:

You can still call to schedule rides if you prefer:

  • If your Broker is MART, you can still call them at (866) 834-9991 between 7am and 7pm. Call hold times tend to be longer on Mondays, Tuesdays, and daily from 9-11am and 2-3pm.
  • If your Broker is GATRA, you can still call them at (800) 431-1713 between 7am and 6pm. Call hold times tend to be longer on Monday mornings and daily between 11am-1pm and 4-5pm.

Whether you book online, through the app, or by phone, please book your trips at least 3 days in advance whenever possible. However, your Broker will make every attempt to accommodate trip requests received less than 3 days in advance. If you are booking a same day, next day, weekend, or holiday trip, please call your Broker as the app and online portal cannot accommodate these trip requests.

How did it go? Share your feedback on booking your ride so we can make improvements.

QR code to download the app to book HST rides

Scan this code to download the app so you can book your trips right from your smartphone. Once you download the app, enter your MassHealth ID as your username. Your password is your birth month and birthdate. Use two digits for each. For example, if your birthday is January 1, your password would be 0101.

Share your feedback at a Virtual Public Listening Session May 16 or May 18

Meeting announcement VLOG

Have you used Human Service Transportation (HST) services since July 1, 2021? Share your feedback with the HST office at our upcoming Virtual Public Listening Sessions:

Transportation services to covered health care appointments and programming for the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Department of Mental Health (DMH), Department of Public Health–Early Intervention (DPH–EI), Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), and MassHealth is coordinated by two brokers, the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) and the Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA). New contracts with MART and GATRA went into effect on July 1, 2021. These new contracts introduced new technologies to improve customer service, such as smart phone apps and self-service web portals to facilitate transportation scheduling and the reporting of complaints.

Please join our virtual public listening sessions on May 16 and May 18 and share your experience with HST services through MART and GATRA since the new contracts were implemented on July 1, 2021.

All are welcome to join, but advance sign-up is recommended for those who wish to speak. Sign up online or by phone at (617) 573-1608. Written testimony will be accepted as well and can be sent in advance to:

How did it go? Share your feedback on booking rides and submitting complaints

Have you recently scheduled a trip or submitted a complaint? Share your feedback to help us make improvements.

Mask policy

Effective April 18, 2022, masks continue to be required for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals at all times on transportation provided by the Commonwealth’s Human Service Transportation (HST) Brokerage. Learn more.

Find your Broker

On July 1, 2021, a new contract went into effect for the Human Service Transportation (HST) Brokerage. If you received rides under the old contract, you will continue to receive rides.

The Broker you call to arrange your trips may have changed. Under the old contract, the HST Office contracted with six Brokers. Under the new contract, two Brokers cover the state. MART covers Western Mass, Central Mass, Metro Boston, and Northeastern Mass, while GATRA covers Southeastern Mass, the Cape, and the Islands. Find your Broker by town.

If your broker was... Your broker is now Broker phone number as of July 1, 2021 Broker website Online portal
MART MART (866) 834-9991

GATRA GATRA (800) 431-1713
CCRTA GATRA (800) 431-1713
BRTA, CATA, FRTA MART (866) 834-9991

Your Broker is your primary point of contact, but if you have any issues with your Broker or would like to share systemwide feedback, we welcome you to contact the HST Office staff:

Transportation vendor companies are hiring drivers and monitors

Many transportation companies that provide human service trips are hiring. If you are interested in applying to drive or serve as a monitor to help consumers access key health and social services, contact transportation providers in your area to find out how to apply. Here is a list of transportation companies participating in the HST brokerage system.

You can also search Ride Match for names and contact information for additional transportation providers in your area.

Additional Resources

Monthly reports offer key metrics

Under the new contract that went into effect July 1, the HST Office has begun publishing monthly reports. These reports share key indicators including the number of rides requested and rides provided, as well as metrics related to on-time performance, call center operations, complaints management, and inspections. This is part of our commitment to customer service, quality assurance, and accountability. Read the reports.

Additional Resources

Human Service Transportation Task Force

The Non-Emergency Human Service Transportation Task Force was established in July 2021 with the enactment of Section 134 of Chapter 24 of the Acts of 2021 (FY22 Budget). The Task Force is charged with exploring ways to better collaborate, improve service, and achieve operational and cost efficiencies through the brokerage system and provide the highest quality outcomes for consumers utilizing these services in the Commonwealth.

Learn more

Upcoming meetings

Past meetings

Materials from the April 2021 Consumer Information Sessions

In April 2021, HST and the Brokers hosted a series virtual consumer information sessions. Meeting materials are posted here.

Additional Resources

Materials from the May-June 2021 Orientation Sessions

In May and June 2021, the Human Service Transportation (HST) Office, MassHealth, and contracted Brokers held orientation sessions to share information about new technology options. Meeting materials are posted here.

Additional Resources

Who is the HST Office?

The HST Office oversees non-emergency medical transportation for MassHealth members as well as transportation for Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Department of Public Health (DPH), Department of Mental Health (DMH), Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), and Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB) programs. MassHealth covers transportation for trips to medical, dental, mental health, or substance use disorder appointments, as well transportation to Day Habilitation programs. The HST Office is part of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.



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