MassHealth Transportation Information for Providers

Information for providers about how to order transportation for a MassHealth member

MassHealth provides non-emergency medical transportation for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory MassHealth members living in the community who are going to MassHealth-covered services.

This transportation is provided through a PT-1 form. This form is the authorization to transport a member to a specific location. MassHealth members will need a separate form for each location or service that they need to go to. Please submit a PT-1 form online through the Customer Web Portal (CWP) to obtain transportation services for your patient. We no longer accept PT-1 forms by fax or mail.

PT-1 transportation is a curb-to-curb service. This means that the MassHealth member should be able to get out to the vehicle and in to their appointment without the help of the driver.

A MassHealth member may bring an escort to help them get in or out of the vehicle. Escorts may also come to help with translation, to accompany a child, and other for reasons. If the member needs an escort, there is a space to note this on the PT-1.

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