Youth Deer Hunt Day

The Youth Deer Hunt day is the 4th Saturday following Labor Day. Learn more about this opportunity for young hunters.

2024 Youth Deer Hunt day is September 28.


MassWildlife created Youth Deer Hunt Day to allow young hunters to hunt deer with their own permit. The hunt occurs on a special one-day season before the state's annual deer hunting seasons. Shotgun deer season regulations apply during the hunt. Licensed hunters who hunt other animals on this date must follow special restrictions.

License and permit requirements

12–14 years old

  • Each child has to be with a licensed adult. Only one minor per licensed adult is permitted. The adult may not use a hunting implement.

  • Free Youth Deer Permit*

15–17 years old (Residents)

  • Minor hunting license

  • Free Youth Deer Permit*

15–17 years old (Non-residents)

  • Massachusetts Non-resident Big Game License

  • Free Youth Deer Permit*

*The Youth Deer Hunt permit is valid only for the day of the Youth Deer Hunt. Hunters cannot use the permit during any other deer hunting season. You can get a free Youth Deer Permit online at MassFishHunt beginning August 1 or in-person at an authorized license vendor. To obtain a Youth Deer Hunt Permit, you must a MassFishHunt account in the youth's name (not the parent or guardian). You can also purchase licenses online or at an authorized license vendor; get more details here.

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Information about the hunt

Only one hunting implement is allowed.  Shotgun, muzzleloader, or bow and arrow may be used. If the minor is accompanied (12-14 year old hunters must be accompanied by a licensed adult), the adult may not use a hunting implement.

Bag limit for Youth Deer Hunt Day: The Youth Deer Permit allows 1 deer (antlered or antlerless) statewide, additional antlerless deer may be taken with valid antlerless deer permits for the specified permitted zones.

All youth hunters and any accompanying adults must wear at least 500 square inches of blaze orange on their chest, back, and head.

Young hunters must fill out the tag from the Youth Deer Permit and attach it to the deer before moving it. Do not use any other deer tags. You must report deer harvest within 48 hours.

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Hunting restrictions during the Youth Deer Hunt season

You can hunt other game species during the Youth Deer Hunt date. Hunters must follow extra requirements when hunting other game on this date.

  • No rifles or handguns.
  • No dogs except for hunting waterfowl on coastal waters and salt marshes.
  • All hunters must wear at least 500 square inches of blaze orange on their chest, back, and head.
  • If hunting waterfowl, you must wear blaze orange on your way to and from your blind or boat. You can remove orange once you’re in a blind or boat.

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