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Hunting regulations for minors

Minors under 12 years of age cannot hunt in Massachusetts.

Minors 12–14 years of age

One minor can hunt under the direct supervision of one adult. They share one firearm or bow, and they share one bag limit. The supervising adult must have a valid Massachusetts hunting or sporting license, any required state or federal stamps, and any permits required to possess that firearm. None of these are required for the minor.

Minors 15–17 years of age

The minor must hold a Massachusetts hunting or sporting license. He or she must be accompanied by an adult or have a government approved Certificate of Completion from a Basic Hunter Education Course in addition to any required state or federal stamps, and any permits required to possess firearms.

In order to purchase a hunting or sporting license in Massachusetts, resident or non-resident minors 15–17 years of age must present the following documentation to the licensing authority:

A letter of consent from a parent or guardian and ONE of the following:

  • A written statement that at all times when hunting or target practicing they will be accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older (this option does not require successful completion of Basic Hunter Education)


Minor hunting or sporting licenses cannot be purchased online. Minor licenses can be purchased at all MassWildlife offices and participating vendor locations, including some sporting goods stores and other retailers.

Additional Resources

Preparing for Basic Hunter Education

Those who wish to prepare for a Basic Hunter Education course can use a free online study guide:

  • MassWildlife has collaborated with to provide this study guide. It is a fully interactive, illustrated, and narrated course. The entire Basic Hunter Education curriculum is covered.


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