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Community Preservation Act (CPA) Payments, Decile Reports and Other Information


FY2022 Community Preservation State Match - April 15, 2021

The Division of Local Services (DLS) has projected the first round CPA state match at 32.3% for FY2022.  This match percent is based on projected FY 2021 local surcharge commitments of $187.2 million with 177 communities eligible for a state match. We expect a state trust fund balance of $75.5 million to be available in November of 2021. 

Trust fund revenues are generated by real estate transactions as recorded at the Registry of Deeds.  Our projected balance is based on trends in revenue reporting to the MA Department of Revenue over the last twelve months.  If actual revenue collections result in a material change, DLS will revise the estimated first round state match and an update will be released in our City and Town E-Newsletter.


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