MOLST and Comfort Care DNR Verification

Learn about the Massachusetts Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) and Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate Order Verification (CC/DNR) forms.

The MOLST and CC/DNR forms are statewide standardized forms issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Patients and their health care providers can use these to document the results of discussions they have had about appropriate life-sustaining treatment. These are the only documents that ambulance services and their EMTs and paramedics can immediately recognize and honor as an actionable order (in the case of MOLST) or verification of such an order (CC/DNR form) about the use, or limitation of use, of life-sustaining treatments for their patients. Massachusetts is currently transitioning to use of the MOLST form, but EMS personnel will continue to encounter patients with CC/DNR forms. At this time, patients may have either form, and as long as the form is current and valid, EMS personnel may honor either document.

See the MOLST website for training materials and further information.

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