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Trial Court Zoom Rooms

Find information about how to access Trial Court Zoom Rooms.

Although courthouses are now open to the public, many matters continue to be handled remotely through telephone or video conference. The Trial Court recognizes that across Massachusetts, many court users lack the devices or internet access necessary to fully participate in remote proceedings.

In order to ensure that access to technology does not inhibit access to justice, the Trial Court is setting up computer stations in select courthouses for users to take part in Zoom videoconferencing. The first of these “Zoom Rooms” have been set up in the Brockton, Chelsea, Springfield, and Worcester courthouses. These courthouses were chosen due to the presence of multiple departments and the perceived needs of the surrounding communities. The Trial Court will monitor use of these initial Zoom Rooms and evaluate additional sites for future Zoom Rooms.

Each Zoom Room contains two computer stations, telephones, COVID-19 signage, gloves, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and a partition separating the stations. Stations are cleaned and disinfected regularly by the Facilities department to ensure safety. Use of the Zoom Rooms is currently by appointment with the clerk’s office.

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