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Camping at Mount Greylock

Campground is CLOSED for renovations during the 2021 season.

General camping information

The Main Camping Season at Sperry Road Campground is available by reservation from mid-May through Columbus Day weekend. Fee applies. HIKE IN ONLY - no vehicle access to campground.

  • 18 tent sites (4 person max.)
  • 9 group sites (12 person max.)
  • Lean-to shelters are available at Chimney, Upper, and Stony Ledge group sites.
  • Picnic table and fire ring at each site
  • Bear-proof food storage lockers at each site
  • Solar Powered Composting toilets only
  • Firewood may be purchased from camp staff.  Do not transport firewood.
  • Potable water is available during the main camping season
  • To make a reservation call 877-422-6762 or online at www.reserveamerica.com

Off-Season Camping

Available from Columbus Day – March 31

  • All campsites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations are not accepted during off-season.
  • Very Limited Services – no water and no firewood available
  • Register off-season camping itinerary with park staff by calling the Visitor Center at (413) 499-4262.
  • This is not a novice camping experience
  • Filter/treat drinking water from Roaring Brook off-season.

Additional Resources for General camping information

Available services

Campground DAY USE parking and trail access is available at:

  • Campground Parking Lot on Rockwell Road (accessible mid May - Nov. 1)
    • Easy to moderate 1.3 mile hike with backpack via the Campground Trail
    • Elevation gain/loss 100 feet. 
    • Average hike takes 45 minutes
  • Hopper Road trailhead in Williamstown (accessible year-round)
    • Moderate to strenuous 2.4 mile hike with backpack via the Haley Farm Trail or Hopper Trail
    • Elevation gain: 1,275 feet.
    • Average hike takes 2 hours.

Backpacker shelters

Five lean-to hike-in shelters are available year-round (no reservations accepted):

  • Deer Hill
  • Wilbur's Clearing
  • Bellows Pipe
  • Peck's Brook
  • Mark Noepel

No fee required and sites are shared use. Limit up to 12 people at each shelter site. 

If backpacking or off-season camping, please call the Visitors Center at (413) 499-4262 to register your itinerary with park staff. Provide the following information:

  • Contact name
  • Telephone number (cell phone if available)
  • Names of additional hikers
  • Planned camping locations and dates
  • Overnight parking site
  • Vehicle description with state and license plate number

Bascom Lodge

Privately operated, Bascom Lodge on the summit offers overnight accommodations and meals. The lodge is open from late-May through mid/late-October and accommodates up to 34 guests. 

  • 4 private rooms
  • 4 family rooms
  • 2 bunk rooms
    • Accommodate about 9 guests each
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Individual shower units
  • Private changing area

For further information or reservations, call (413) 743-1591 or visit the Bascom Lodge website.