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Holyoke District Court


20 Court Plaza, Holyoke, MA 01040


Clerk’s Office (413) 538-9710
Probation Department (413) 598-9712


Clerk’s Office (413) 533-7165
Probation Department (413) 535-2152
Transit friendly

Details of Holyoke District Court

Overview of Holyoke District Court

This court serves Holyoke.

Hours for Holyoke District Court

Monday - Friday:
8:30 am-4:30 pm

Parking at Holyoke District Court

There is both metered street parking and public parking garages available.

Public Transportation

For public transportation information to the courthouse, visit the Pioneer Valley Regional Transit Authority website or call (413) 781-7882.

The Holyoke District Court is accessible by the following lines of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority: Purple 20, Red 22, Blue 23 and Red 24.

Services at Holyoke District Court

This location includes a Veterans' Treatment Court.

Accessibility at Holyoke District Court

Please contact the ADA coordinator below for more information regarding ADA accessibility at this court location.

Janet Klofas  
Phone: 413-493-0205
Fax: 413-493-0280
email: janet.klofas@jud.state.ma.us

Jurors Only

For assistance, please contact the Office of Jury Commissioner at 1-800-THE-JURY (843-5879) or JurorHelp@jud.state.ma.us
TTY: 1-800-328-3202

Restrictions at Holyoke District Court

No cell phones, or other electronic devices, including:

  • laptop or notebook computers,
  • computer tablets,
  • smartphones,
  • bluetooth and other similar devices.

(Exceptions: Employees, Police, Attorneys and Jurors)

Using cameras and electronic devices

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Judge's Lobby

Hon. William P. Hadley, First Justice

Clerk's Office

Manuel A. Moutinho, Clerk-Magistrate

Probation Department

Sean McBride, Chief Probation Officer