MOLST-to-POLST Transition

Read more below about transition planning to the POLST. Massachusetts has not yet adopted the POLST for statewide use.

If your organization is NOT a clinical test phase partner,
- continue to use the MOLST form
- click on the box below about what to do if you see a POLST form (What organizations need to know about ePOLST coming to MA in 2024)

The Massachusetts POLST Program’s mission is to help persons living with serious illness and advancing frailty engage in care planning conversations with their clinicians and care teams to ensure that their treatment preferences are understood and honored across all care settings. The goals of the Massachusetts POLST Program are to:

- Establish POLST as integral part of care planning continuum across the state;
- Support effective care planning conversations for people with serious illness and advancing frailty;
- Ensure clear, reliable documentation about the program;
- Improve integration across all care settings;
- Align with national standards and best practices; and
- Continually improve the program.

In 2023, Massachusetts conducted clinical testing with 2 communities. Read more about what we’ve learned below.

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