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News Massachusetts Board of Medicine Takes Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action ordered at the November 8, 2018 meeting of the Board.
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Wakefield — At its meeting on November 8, 2018, the Massachusetts Board of   Registration   in Medicine took disciplinary action against the medical licenses of Randall S. Bock, M.D., Joan Finkelstein, M.D., Richard J. Heller, M.D., Kim E. Bowman, M.D., and Ticoni A. Barte, D.O.

In a Final Decision & Order, the Board reprimanded Dr. Randall S. Bock’s medical license after it found that he had fraudulently procured the 2013 renewal of his medical license by failing to disclose an investigation into his treatment of MassHealth patients by the Office of the Attorney General and for inappropriately “refilling” his office supply of Suboxone from patients’ prescriptions. The Board also imposed a fine of $5,000. Dr. Bock was licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts from February, 1984 until January 22, 2014 when his license to practice medicine was summarily suspended by the Board.  Dr. Bock, whose license lapsed in 2015, maintained a general medical practice in Revere.

In a Consent Order, the Board reprimanded the medical license of Dr. Joan Finkelstein after she admitted that she had engaged in conduct undermining the public confidence in the integrity of the medical profession.  Dr. Finkelstein was first licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts in July, 1998.  She maintains a private practice in Brookline.

In a Consent Order, the Board admonished Dr. Richard J. Heller’s medical license after he agreed that he had entered into a Settlement Agreement with the United States of America concerning his failure to maintain complete and accurate records. Dr. Heller was first licensed in Massachusetts in October 1980.  He is currently practicing medicine in private practice in North Andover.

In a Consent Order, the Board suspended the license of Dr. Kim E. Bowman after she agreed that her conduct places into question her competence to practice medicine, including practicing medicine with negligence on repeated occasions.   The suspension was immediately stayed as Dr. Bowman entered into a Probation Agreement.  Dr. Bowman was first licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts in 1980.

The Board also accepted the resignation of Dr. Ticoni A. Barte’s right to renew his license to practice medicine. Resignation is a disciplinary action that permanently removes a physician from the practice of medicine. Dr. Barte was licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts from May 1996 until June, 1999 when he did not renew his medical license.  Dr. Barte last practiced medicine in Virginia.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine licenses more than 40,000 physicians, osteopaths and acupuncturists.  The Board was created in 1894 to protect the public health and safety by setting standards for the practice of medicine and ensuring that doctors who practice in the Commonwealth are appropriately qualified and competent. The Board investigates complaints and determines sanctions. More information is available at, or you may contact the Board at


Board of Registration in Medicine 

The Board of Registration in Medicine is responsible for licensing, regulation, and discipline of Massachusetts physicians and acupuncturists.