News Notice: August 19, 2021 Meeting of the TURA Administrative Council

  • Advisory Committee to the Administrative Council on Toxics Use Reduction

The TURA Program Administrative Council will meet virtually on August 19 at 10:00am.

Please note that this meeting is being conducted remotely, consistent with An Act Extending Certain COVID-19 Measures Adopted During the State of Emergency. This Act includes an extension, until April 1, 2022, of the remote meeting provisions of Governor Baker's March 12, 2020, Executive Order resulting from the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus, known as “COVID-19."

  1. Welcome and Council Member Introductions
  2. Meeting Minutes from March 5, 2021
  3. Definition of Substance (Vote): A vote to clarify the regulations by adding a definition of the term ‘substance’ in to 301 CMR 41.02.  The definition of the term ‘substance’ is as follows:  Substance means any agent or material including but not limited to: pure chemicals with a specific chemical and structural identity; and categories or groups of chemicals, compounds or mixtures that share similar, identifiable characteristics such as, but not limited to, elemental composition, chemical formula, chemical structure, chemical properties, physical properties, functional groups or chemical manufacture.
  4. Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Not Otherwise Listed (PFAS NOL) (Vote): A vote to add the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances not otherwise listed (PFAS NOL) category to the TURA List of Toxic or Hazardous Substances (TURA List) to 301 CMR 41.03, as defined as:  those PFAS that contain a perfluoroalkyl moiety with three or more carbons (e.g., –CnF2n–, n ≥ 3; or CF3–CnF2n– , n≥2) or a perfluoroalkylether moiety with two or more carbons (e.g., –CnF2nOCmF2m− or –CnF2nOCmFm–, n and m ≥ 1 ).
  5. TURA Program Updates
  6. Adjourn

Advisory Committee to the Administrative Council on Toxics Use Reduction 

The Advisory Committee to the Administrative Council on Toxics Use Reduction is one of the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) governing bodies. The Committee is composed of fifteen stakeholders that provide the Administrative Council with a forum for discussing TURA policy and implementation issues. Committee members are appointed by the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

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