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Operational Services Division (OSD) - Climate and Sustainability

As the procurement oversight agency of the Commonwealth, OSD intends to use its statutory mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the design and implementation of robust and sustainable procurement policies and practices.

OSD Climate and Sustainability Mission

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Our mission is to advance sustainability and combat climate change through strategic procurement practices. We are dedicated to integrating environmental, social, and economic considerations into all stages of the procurement lifecycle to achieve long-term sustainability goals while fostering innovation and driving positive change in supply chains.  

Through collaboration with stakeholders, implementation of best practices, and leveraging market influence, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, promote renewable energy, support sustainable business practices, and enhance resilience to climate-related risks. Through leading by example and influencing our vendor community, we strive to create a more sustainable and resilient future for all in the Commonwealth. 

OSD Climate and Sustainability Objectives

The primary objective of the OSD Climate and Sustainability Unit is to implement comprehensive strategies in the public procurement process that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the root cause of climate change, and to support a transition to low-carbon and sustainable practices. 

To achieve this objective, the OSD Climate and Sustainability Unit aims to utilize public procurement as a tool for addressing climate change. The unit is actively collaborating with vendors and buyers to raise awareness and foster commitment to, and engagement in, climate mitigation strategies and innovative sustainability practices.  

The unit focuses on fostering collaboration among stakeholders to promote environmental responsibility, sustainable sourcing, and the development of new climate solutions, ultimately aimed at reducing environmental impact with a reliance on data-driven decision making and measurable results. 

To achieve these objectives, we plan to:  

  1. Conduct a comprehensive review of energy usage and carbon emissions within vendor processes and establish clear benchmarks and measurable targets for reducing carbon emissions and enhancing sustainability practices. (i.e. Baseline Assessment). 

  2. Develop an emission reporting framework to assess vendors' environmental performance, considering factors such as energy efficiency, waste management, and transportation emissions. (i.e. Vendor Emission Measures) 

OSD's Climate and Sustainability Initiatives:

Rightsizing and Electrifying the State Fleet:  OSD is spearheading transformative change through the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in our state fleet, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are revolutionizing transportation toward a cleaner, sustainable future by replacing traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles with zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), aligning our efforts to achieve the state's carbon reduction objectives/goals. 

Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) Procurement Program: Since 2009, OSD has managed the Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) Procurement Program, prioritizing the procurement of environmentally sustainable goods and services for eligible purchasing entities. Since Fiscal Year 2021, buyers spent more than $1 billion on environmentally preferable products and services.  See the EPP Annual Reports for additional information.

Statewide Contract Vendors Disclosure: One of the first projects undertaken by the Climate and Sustainability Unit last fall was working with OSD’s Sourcing Unit to develop an Environmental Practices Climate Questionnaire for Statewide Contractors. The survey was designed to better understand Statewide Contract Vendors’ sustainability practices, policies, and initiatives – information that will be used to build more robust sustainability requirements into future Statewide Contract procurement practices.

The Questionnaire, which was sent to approximately 1,400 Statewide Contact Vendors, revealed vendor interest in environmental responsibility, but highlighted a lack of specific carbon reduction goals and measures. Moving forward, OSD intends to work with Statewide Contract Vendors to establish carbon reduction targets and reporting mechanisms. Our engagements with vendors will increasingly prioritize sustainability practices and carbon footprint reduction efforts.

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OSD Climate and Sustainability Unit

Zazy Atallah, Director of Climate and Sustainability Unit

Michelle Broussard, Director of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program 

Julia Wolfe, Director of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program

Agnes Wierzbicki, Environmental and Climate Preferable Specification Assistant

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