Office of Community Corrections (OCC)

Office of Community Corrections

The Office of Community Corrections (OCC) is the intermediate sanction department of the Massachusetts Probation Service. The mission of the OCC is the establishment of intermediate sanctions which offer a continuum of sanctions and services for probation, parole, sheriffs and the Department of Correction. This interagency and community collaboration supports public safety.


1 Ashburton Place, Room 405, Boston, MA 02108


(617) 727-8483

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The OCC has two major programs: 

  • Trial Court Community Service Program (CSP)
  • statewide network of Community Corrections Centers (CCC)

The CSP develops community service projects, monitors participants at project sites, tracks participant work hours, and makes reports of participant progress to the courts via the probation department. The CCCs facilitate intensive supervision by probation, parole and sheriff's departments through integrated services and sanctions including substance abuse treatment, educational opportunities, job development, life skills training, drug and alcohol testing, community service, day reporting and electronic monitoring.

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