Rare Disease Advisory Council (RDAC)

The Rare Disease Advisory Council advises the Governor, the Legislature, and the Department of Public Health on the incidence of rare disease within the Commonwealth and the status of the rare disease community.

About RDAC

The Rare Disease Advisory Council was established by AN ACT PROMOTING A RESILIENT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM THAT PUTS PATIENTS FIRST (Section 26 of Chapter 260 of the Acts of 2020).

Upcoming meetings

No upcoming events scheduled

Council members

  • Chair

    Dylan Tierney, MD, MPH


  • Charlotte Boney, MD

  • Janis Creedon

  • Lisa Deck

  • Andrew Dwyer, Ph.D., FNP-BC, FNAP, FAAN

  • Michael Green, MD, PhD

  • Julie Gortze, RN

  • Guadalupe Hayes-Mota, MS, MBA, MPP

  • Lena Joseph RN, CPN

  • Hannah Kane

    State Representative

  • Andrew Lane, MD, PhD

  • Jay Livingstone

    State Representative

  • Jeff R. Livingstone, PhD

  • Diane Lucente, MS, LCGC

  • Alexsandra Mahady

  • Jennifer McNary

  • David Miller, MD, PhD

  • Tai Pasquini, PhD, MPA

  • Shivang Patel, PharmD

  • Asma Rashid, MS, CGC

  • Michele Rhee

  • Robert Schultz, MBA

  • Celia Segel, MPP

  • Michael Sherman, MD

  • Bruce Tarr

    Senate Minority Leader

  • Glenda Thomas

  • Ryan Thompson, MD

  • Ann Wessel, MS, RD, LDN

  • Ross Zafonte, DO

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