Probate and Family Court Rules

Standing order

Probate and Family Court Rules Probate and Family Court Standing Order 1-08: Standards for guardians ad litem/evaluators

Courts: Probate and Family Court
Effective Date: 01/14/2008


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The Standards for Category E, Guardians ad Litem/Evaluators in actions involving: Domestic Relations or Custody/Visitation/Adoption G.L. c. 215, § 56Ac. 208, § 16, (hereinafter “Standards”) are effective January 14, 2008.


The purpose of these Standards is to:

  • provide accountability related to guardian ad litem/evaluations;
  • improve custody, visitation, and other outcomes for children;
  • promote uniformity and consistency in guardian ad litem/evaluations; and
  • promote respect for the rights of parties and their children, including their safety.


It is ordered that all guardians ad litem/evaluators appointed pursuant to   G.L. c. 215, § 56Ac. 208, § 16 utilize the Standards in conducting these evaluations. Guardians ad litem/evaluators who are certified by the Probate and Family Court Administrative Office to receive appointments under Supreme Judicial Court Rule 1:07, and those persons not on the list who are appointed in accordance with Section (4) of Rule 1:07, are governed by this Order and shall conduct their evaluations in accordance with the Standards.




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