Professional Conduct Rules

Rules of the Commission on Judicial Conduct

Professional Conduct Rules Commission on Judicial Conduct Rule 12: Cases involving allegations of mental or physical disability


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Rule 12

In considering allegations of mental or physical disability, the Commission shall, insofar as applicable and except as provided below pursuant to Chapter 211C, section 10, follow procedures established by these rules.


If in a matter relating to mental or physical disability the judge is not represented by counsel, the Commission shall appoint an attorney to represent him at public expense.


If a complaint or statement of allegations involves the mental or physical health of a judge, a denial of the alleged disability or condition shall constitute a waiver of medical privilege and the judge shall be required to produce his medical records.


 In the event of a waiver of medical privilege, the judge shall be deemed to have consented to an examination by a qualified medical practitioner designated by the Commission. The report of the medical practitioner shall be furnished to the Commission and the judge.



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