Report  2021 Annual Report - Office of Outdoor Advertising

The Office of Outdoor Advertising is charged with regulating and controlling the erection, maintenance, and administration of off-premises billboards, signs, and other advertising devices in the Commonwealth in accordance with state and federal law. Licenses and permits are issued to firms and individuals wishing to engage in the business of outdoor advertising and are renewable on an annual basis.

Organization: Highway Division Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Date published: June 23, 2022


This report summarizes the OOA activities for the 2021 calendar year. As of December 31, 2021 there were a total of 3,526 active permits; during 2021 permits were issued for 3 static billboards; 25 electronic billboards and 102 street furniture structures. There were 16 permit transfers that were approved and 2 permit applications that were withdrawn from consideration by the applicant. 82 permits were surrendered. In 2021 the OOA received $1,273,800.00 in permit and license fees.

The OOA conducted 1,238 field inspections and performed routine surveillance daily to ensure compliance. MassDOT’s Administrative Law Judge did not conduct any appeal hearing related to OOA matters pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 30A §10 during 2021.

The OOA collected and monitored Proof of Play (POP) reports for the Public Service Announcement (PSA) Program. Through the PSA program, outdoor advertising companies provide advertising time on their electronic billboards at no cost to promote initiatives and messaging of public agencies. The average PSA advertising time under this program was approximately 5,538 hours per month, or 66,456 hours for the year. It is estimated that the value of advertising time for the PSA program to participating state agencies and MassDOT in 2021 was approximately $4,204,807.



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