Access SJC briefs for pending and published cases

Supreme Judicial Court briefs are available for many cases since 2007.

Access briefs through public docket information

The Supreme Judicial Court has added the briefs, or arguments filed by the parties, to its public docket information beginning with cases argued in September 2007. Briefs are linked from the docket sheet for each case. 

Start by searching for a case by name or docket number. If briefs are available, they will appear between Involved Parties and the Docket Entries. 

This method is best for:

  • pending cases
  • cases for which you have a docket number only
  • cases before 2010


Access briefs through published court opinions

SJC briefs are available with the published opinions via Masscases, beginning with 458 Mass. reports (September 2010). 

If briefs are available, they will appear in the header section of the case, just after the judges' names. 

This method is best for:

  • cases that have already been decided
  • cases for which you don't have a docket number
  • cases decided after September 2010

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