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Avoid unemployment penalties and fraud

Learn how to avoid penalties while receiving unemployment benefits. Help ensure that unemployment benefits go to those in need by reporting fraudulent activity.

When you receive unemployment benefits, you agree to learn and follow the rules. That means it is your job to understand how to ask for benefits, describe your employment situation honestly, and report any suspicious activity.

When you file for benefits

  • Provide as much information as possible when you file your claim
  • List all your employers and the reason you are no longer working
  • Read the Guide to Benefits and Employment Services that was mailed to you

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While you are receiving weekly benefits

  • Answer all questions and questionnaires. Give correct, honest answers. Take your time.
  • Report any new jobs or work you get
  • Report your gross earnings from your part-time job every week (if you have one)
  • Report if you lose your job while collecting benefits
  • Do not request benefits for any week you travel outside of the U.S., its territories, or Canada

After you get a full-time job and stop collecting benefits

  • Stop requesting weekly benefits
  • Keep your contact information up to date
  • Report any fraud you suspect

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