Bicycle Plan

The statewide bicycle transportation plan

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is announcing that the Draft Statewide Bicycle Transportation Plan is now available for public comment. You can review the plan and provide feedback by clicking the link below.

2018 Statewide Bicycle Transportation Plan


Massachusetts Bicycle Transportation Plan Image

To realize the potential for everyday biking in Massachusetts and underscore MassDOT’s commitment to safety, MassDOT is releasing a new Statewide Bicycle Transportation Plan to make biking in Massachusetts a safe, comfortable, and convenient option for everyday travel. 

As part of the Bike Plan, MassDOT developed the Municipal Resource Guide for Bikeability in recognition of the important role the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts will play. Created for municipal staff, elected officials, community members, and anyone interested in biking, the Resource Guide introduces core concepts to enhance community bikeability and directs readers to additional resources for more detailed information.


MassDOT is currently finalizing the statewide Bicycle Transportation Plan. Our public comment period is now closed.  The following materials are available for viewing:

Thank you for helping us advance our vision for safe, comfortable, and convenient bike networks for everyday travel. Your input will help us prioritize recommendations, including projects, policies, and programs. Stay tuned for updates.

MassDOT promoted the Bike Plan at Open Streets events. We demoed separated bike lanes, spoke with hundreds of attendees, and recorded over a thousand comments. We attended the following events:

Plan Vision

Massachusetts’ integrated and multimodal transportation system will provide a safe, comfortable, and well-connected bicycle network that will increase access for both transportation and recreational purposes. The Bike Plan will advance bicycling statewide for everyday travel—particularly for short trips of three miles or less—to the broadest base of users and free of geographic inequities.

Plan Goals
  • Engage the public with creative and diverse strategies
  • Understand current and projected trends
  • Make the case for bicycling
  • Identify and prioritize network gaps
  • Improve bicycle infrastructure implementation

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