Bowhunter Education Courses

Designed for novice and experienced hunters. Topics include bowhunting safety, bowhunting laws and ethics and introduction to archery equipment.

Attention: You may already qualify to hunt in Massachusetts. Find out more.

Earning a Bowhunter Education certificate... 

 ❌ does not qualify an adult for their first-ever hunting or sporting license.

is voluntary in Massachusetts. If you already qualify for a hunting or sporting license, you are not required to complete Bowhunter Education.

is recognized by other jurisdictions/other states that require the successful completion of the Bowhunter Education course.

All courses are FREE of charge and open to the public.

Bowhunter Education course listing

No bowhunter education courses are currently available.

Bowhunting in other states

If you wish to hunt with archery equipment in a state other than Massachusetts, you may need to complete a bowhunter education course to qualify for a hunting license or certain stamps/permits in that state.

Contact the licensing state to learn more.

Tips for finding a bowhunter education course

  • Sign up to be notified when courses are available in your area.
  • Bookmark this page and check back on a regular basis. This list is routinely updated as courses open for enrollment across the state.
  • Consider completing Bowhunter Education through another state's Hunter Education Program. Be sure to read all requirements to ensure you are eligible to participate in their course offerings and ensure that the course you select meets the requirements of the licensing jurisdiction.

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