Culturally Specific Victim Services in Western Massachusetts

A grant program for agencies led by and for communities of color in Western Massachusetts

As we work to meet our strategic plan goals and support culturally reflective services in underserved communities, MOVA has committed funds to this priority to enhance services for victims of crime from communities of color. MOVA’s work is driven by our mission, vision, and values. We strive to be equitable in all that we do. This funding will enhance partnerships across the state while providing funding, services, and access to underserved victims, survivors, and communities.

Learn about the recipients of this funding: Culturally Specific Victim Service Grant Recipients


About the Consultants

MOVA has contracted with two experienced consultants to advise in the development of this funding opportunity, Janelle Melohn and Condencia Brade. Janelle Melohn is the Director of the OVC VOCA Center with the National Criminal Justice Association and has worked as a consultant on many projects aiming to advance access and improve the quality of services for victims of crime from Black and Brown communities. Condencia Brade is the co-founder of the National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault (SCESA) and is passionate about the importance of culturally specific responses and the critical value of culturally specific Communities of Color organizations addressing domestic violence and sexual assault. MOVA is grateful for their expertise and guidance through this process.  


Policy Samples for Organizations

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