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CZ-Mail - May 2019

The monthly electronic newsletter from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

Welcome to CZ-Mail, the monthly electronic newsletter from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM). Each issue provides information on major CZM initiatives, available tools and publications, upcoming workshops and events, grants, contracting opportunities, job openings, coastal legislation, and other news of interest to people working on coastal issues. Additional information about CZM's programs, publications, and other coastal topics can be found on the CZM website. To subscribe, send a blank email (please be sure that the email is completely blank, with no signature line) to Also, please feel free to share CZ-Mail with colleagues and friends—and if you have any suggestions for future editions, or would like make a change to your CZ-Mail subscription, please email your request to For daily updates from CZM, please follow us on Twitter.

All links on this web page were current and working on the date of publication.


EEA Secretary Matthew Beaton Leaves State Service and Will Be Replaced by Katie Theoharides - On May 3, Matthew Beaton will move on from his position as Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA), which he has held since 2015. Key accomplishments under his leadership include creation of the first State Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Plan, investment of more than $609 million to address climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Commonwealth, authoring a $2.4 billion Environmental Bond Bill to protect environmental resources, and development of the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program to support the cities and towns of the Commonwealth as they build resilience to climate change. EEA Undersecretary of Climate Change Katie Theoharides has been selected as the new EEA Secretary. Theoharides has served at EEA since 2016, guiding the development and implementation of the Baker-Polito Administration’s climate change efforts—including development of the State Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Plan, creation of the MVP program, and working to strengthen regional and national coalitions focused on bipartisan state climate leadership, including the United States Climate Alliance and the Transportation Climate Initiative. For more information, see the Governor’s Press Release.

CZM Announces Availability of Coastal Resilience and Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grants - On April 22, CZM announced the availability of $3.5 million in funding through the Coastal Resilience and Coastal Pollutant Remediation (CPR) grant programs. CZM’s Coastal Resilience Grant Program will provide technical assistance and up to $3 million in grants to coastal communities and certified 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations that own vulnerable coastal property that is open and accessible to the public. Eligible coastal resilience initiatives range from assessing vulnerability and risk to redesigning and retrofitting vulnerable public facilities and infrastructure. CZM’s Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grant Program will provide up to $500,000 to municipalities for projects that address local nonpoint source stormwater pollution issues, including assessment, design, and construction of Best Management Practices and the design and implementation of commercial boat pumpout facilities. For details on the Requests for Responses for these grant programs, see Grants/Funding/Proposal Opportunities below.

CZM Staff Help with Kingston Coastal Resilience Project for Earth Week - On April 24, CZM staff joined Kingston officials, Silver Lake Regional High School Horticulture students, local volunteers, and environmental consultants to plant beach grass and salt marsh plants as part of a Coastal Resilience Grant project at Gray’s Beach in Kingston. With a $497,725 grant awarded in August 2017, Kingston replaced a deteriorating stone revetment at Gray’s Beach with a marsh and dune system that will naturally buffer the shoreline from waves and storm surge and moved the existing concession and restroom facility farther inland to protect them from future storm and climate change impacts. Kingston applied for and received another $50,000 grant in 2018 that is now being used to plant additional beach grass and salt marsh vegetation and monitor project effectiveness. This project serves as a model for other coastal communities on effectively planning for and implementing climate change adaptation strategies through the Coastal Resilience Grant program. For more information on this project, see Earth Day 2019: Working with nature to adapt to climate change, an editorial by CZM Director Lisa Berry Engler published in Kingston Wicked Local. CZM is currently accepting applications for the Coastal Resilience Grant program. See Grants/Funding/Proposal Opportunities below for details.

CZM Staff and People

BUAR Director Vic Mastone Retires - After 32 years as Director of the Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources (BUAR), Victor Mastone retired in April. Vic joined BUAR in 1987 as its first staff archaeologist where his accomplishments include an inventory of naval shipwrecks off Massachusetts and the study of the 1775 Battle of Chelsea Creek. In 2016, Vic helped establish the state's first underwater archaeological preserve for the 1867 White Squall shipwreck site in Wellfleet. While at BUAR, he revised and simplified regulations, including establishment of the scientific permit program, developed a variety of guidance documents for public use, created an innovative outreach/educational program with training component (known as SHIPS), and since 1994, co-organized/co-chaired an annual international forum for government managers of maritime cultural resources at the Society for Historical Archaeology annual conferences. In addition to his work as BUAR Director, Vic also concurrently held various positions within the Commonwealth’s Environmental Secretariat, including Director of Finance, Assistant Secretary for Finance and Administration, and Interim Chief Financial Officer at the Department of Fish and Game. Victor’s maritime archaeology expertise kept him busy helping with the nomination of Stellwagen Bank as a National Marine Sanctuary, serving on the Federal Advisory Committee on Marine Protected Areas, reviewing various federal grant proposals, presenting at an international workshop, working as a guest investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and much more. Vic has been a valuable member of the CZM family and we will miss the impromptu discussions around the office. Thank you Vic for 32 year of service, expertise, and chats. Good luck and enjoy your retirement!

CZM Job Posting

Coastal Monitoring Expert - The Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program (MassBays) is seeking a Monitoring Network Circuit Rider to assist coastal monitoring groups in the MassBays planning area by providing training and technical support with design, implementation, and data analysis for monitoring programs. This two-year, part-time (20 hours/week) contract position is funded through a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Exchange Network grant. For more information, see the job posting. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Grants/Funding/Proposal Opportunities

Coastal Resilience Grant Program - CZM is seeking proposals for innovative and transferable local projects to address coastal flooding, erosion, and sea level rise under the Coastal Resilience Grant Program. For Fiscal Year (FY) 2020, CZM will provide technical assistance and up to $3 million in grants to coastal communities and certified 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations that own vulnerable coastal property that is open and accessible to the public. Eligible coastal resilience initiatives range from assessing vulnerability and risk to redesigning and retrofitting vulnerable public facilities and infrastructure. CZM also supports public outreach efforts, proactive planning, and non-structural approaches (or green infrastructure) to enhance natural buffers and address coastal storm and climate impacts. Municipal and nonprofit applicants may request up to $750,000 in funding for projects to be completed by June 30, 2020. See the Request for Responses (RFR) on the COMMBUYS website for eligibility requirements, project categories, and evaluation criteria. Proposals are due by 4:00 p.m. on June 3.

Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grant Program - CZM is seeking proposals for the Coastal Pollutant Remediation (CPR) Grant Program. For FY 2020, the CPR program will provide up to $500,000 to municipalities located in the Massachusetts Coastal Watershed to assess and remediate stormwater pollution and to design and construct commercial boat-waste pumpout facilities. As much as $175,000 may be requested and a 25 percent match of the total project cost is required. Projects must be completed by June 30, 2020. To view the RFR and download required forms, see the COMMBUYS website. Proposals are due by 5:00 p.m. on May 24.

Hazard Mitigation Grants—Application Deadline Extended - The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has extended the application deadline for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) resulting from the federal disaster declarations (FEMA-4372-DR & FEMA-4379-DR). These grants fund projects that can reduce natural hazard damage, including stormwater drainage and culvert improvements, floodplain and stream restoration, flood control, property acquisition, slope stabilization, infrastructure protection, and structure elevation. For complete grant details, see the updated Grants Availability Memo (PDF, 172 KB). The application deadline is now 11:59 p.m. on June 4.

Parks and Conservation Grants - EEA’s Division of Conservation Services (DCS) is seeking applications for the FY 2020 Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities (PARC), Local Acquisitions for Natural Diversity (LAND), and Conservation Partnership grants. PARC grants help communities acquire parkland, develop new parks, and renovate existing parks. LAND grants provide funds to municipal conservation commissions to purchase conservation land and conservation restrictions. Conservation Partnership grants provide funds to non-profit organizations for land acquisitions. DCS will hold two workshops for the PARC and LAND grants—on May 15 in Springfield and on May 16 in Boston. PARC and LAND grant applications are due by 3:00 p.m. on July 11. Conservation Partnership applications are due by 3:00 p.m. on July 15.

§319 Grants - The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) is seeking proposals for the §319 Nonpoint Source Competitive Grants Program to fund comprehensive projects that address nonpoint sources of pollution affecting water quality. For more information, including a link to the RFR, see the MassDEP website. Proposals are due by noon on June 3.

Reminders - These opportunities, listed in the last CZ-Mail, are still available:

  • Buzzards Bay Municipal Mini-Grant Program - Round III - The Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program is seeking a third round of proposals for the Buzzards Bay Watershed Municipal Mini-Grant Program, with $95,418 in funding available. Eligible projects must implement a recommendation(s) in the Buzzards Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan and include stormwater remediation designs for discharges affecting marine waters, wetland/open space/habitat acquisition, migratory fish passage restoration, and construction of boat pumpout facilities. A 33 percent match of requested funding is required, and only municipalities are eligible. For details and required forms, see the COMMBUYS website. Proposals are due by May 6 at 4:00 p.m.
  • MVP Planning Grants - EEA is seeking Planning Grant proposals for the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program. The MVP Planning Grants provide communities with funding to complete vulnerability assessments and develop action-oriented resiliency plans, and state-certified MVP providers offer technical assistance to communities in completing the assessment and resiliency plans. Communities who complete the MVP program become certified as an MVP community and are eligible for MVP Action Grants. For more information, see MVP Planning Grant Eligibility Criteria and the COMMBUYS website for the RFR and required forms. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis until May 3.
  • BoatUS Grassroots Grants - The BoatUS Foundation is seeking applications for its Grassroots Grants. Up to $10,000 is available to local volunteer organizations to promote education on safe and clean boating. Applications are accepted year round.


Shellfish Aquaculture Report - The National Sea Grant College Program has released Overcoming Impediments to Shellfish Aquaculture through Legal Research and Outreach: Case Studies, a report that presents case studies on eight legal and policy barriers, as well as success stories on commercial shellfish aquaculture development in the United States. For details, including a link to the full report, see Sea Grant Report on Barriers to Shellfish Aquaculture in the U.S.

Supply Chain Resilience Guide - The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has published the Supply Chain Resilience Guide (PDF, 2 MB), a resource for emergency managers that provides recommendations and best practices on how to work with the private sector to enhance supply chain resilience during a disaster. For more on supply chains and emergency management, see Preparedness Talks for Emergency Managers below under Web-Based and Mobile-User Resources.

Newsletters and Other Periodicals

Buzzards Bay Coalition Newsletter - The latest edition of The Bay Buzz from the Buzzards Bay Coalition includes stories on using the Plymouth Town Brook herring run restoration as a model for restoration efforts in Westport, annual monitoring of conservation restrictions managed by the Coalition, outdoor activities for spring, and other regional news, volunteer opportunities, and events.

HabitatNews - The April 2019 issue of HabitatNews, a newsletter of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Office of Habitat Conservation, includes articles on assessing NOAA’s fish passage improvement efforts, flooding reduction from a salmon habitat restoration project, and other marine fisheries habitat news.

MassBays Newsletter - The Spring 2019 issue of the MassBays Newsletter, the quarterly update from the MassBays National Estuary Program, features a MassBays Monitoring Network Circuit Rider job opportunity and presentations from the 2019 Watershed Action Alliance Conference, along with news from around the Bays. Consider subscribing to receive updates directly.

Ocean Science Magazine - The August-November 2018 issue of BOEM Ocean Science (PDF, 15 MB), the science and technology journal of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), focuses on BOEM’s marine mammal research. This edition includes articles on studying marine mammals in Alaska and using sound to track whales, dolphins, and porpoises along the Atlantic coast.

The SandBar - The April 2019 issue of The SandBar, a quarterly publication from the National Sea Grant College Program on U.S. ocean and coastal legal issues, covers the Lake Erie Bill of Rights to address harmful algal blooms, how local governments in Maine are using zoning to address working waterfront development, and other ocean- and coastal-related legal issues.

USGS Sound Waves - The February-March 2019 issue of Sound Waves, a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) newsletter, includes articles on scientific efforts to use sea level rise scenarios, climate change forecasts, and economic data to determine future risks along the coast of California; using drones to measure methane levels from thawing permafrost in the Arctic; recent USGS fieldwork; and other coastal and marine research news.

Web-Based and Mobile-User Resources

OceanReports Web Tool - OceanReports is a new web-based interactive tool for ocean mapping and planning created by the BOEM and NOAA that provides custom spatial analysis reports on any space within U.S. ocean waters. Topics covered include energy and minerals, natural resources and conservation, oceanographic and biophysical, transportation and infrastructure, and economics and commerce. Reports include graphical information and data that can be used for planning, permitting, and environmental review.

Preparedness Talks for Emergency Managers - FEMA and partners have released two new episodes of PrepTalks—presentations by experts on emergency preparedness. Aligning Public and Private Supply Chains for Disaster Response by Dr. Jarrod Goentzel, Director of the Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Transportation and Logistics, discusses the greater disaster response capacity of the private sector over the public sector, how emergency managers can support restoration of the private supply chain after a disaster, and how supply chain analysis can help with preparedness and collaboration during a crisis. Private Sector Resilience: It Is All in the Supply Chain by Dr. Yossi Sheffi, Director of MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics, explains how supply chain networks can fail, introduces new ways to think about supply disruptions, and presents a case study from General Motors on managing complex supply chains. Each PrepTalks web page includes videos of the presentations and question-and-answer sessions, a discussion guide, and related resources.

Nutrient Observatory Webinar Series - In March, the Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS) hosted a webinar series to showcase the Nutrient Observatory Project—an automated nutrient monitoring observatory deployed in the coastal waters off the northeast United States. Recordings of each webinar are available on the NERACOOS website.

New Resource and Data from NOAA Digital Coast - NOAA’s Digital Coast has posted these new resources:

Regulatory Decisions

Decision Issued on Provincetown’s Harbor Management Plan Renewal and Amendment - On April 10, the Decision on the Town of Provincetown’s Request for Approval of the Provincetown Harbor Management Plan Renewal and Amendment 2019 Pursuant to 301 CMR 23.00 (PDF, 7 MB) was issued by the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The Decision builds on and advances the planning principles and priorities of previous Provincetown harbor planning efforts as well as approves substitutions at two locations within the harbor planning area.

Job/Internship Postings

Stormwater Coordinator - MassDEP is seeking a Stormwater Coordinator to manage stormwater-related activities within MassDEP’s Surface Water Discharge/National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program, including permit review and comment, outreach, and technical assistance. For additional information, see the job posting.

Forest and Parks Supervisor - The Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Falmouth are seeking a Forest and Parks Supervisor to manage park staff, maintain, patrol, and ensure safety and security of recreational areas, and perform other related duties. For more information, see the job posting.

Boat Captain/Facility Technician - The Buzzards Bay Coalition is seeking a Boat Captain/Facility Technician to provide routine maintenance to the Coalition’s facilities around Buzzards Bay, maintain and operate its 27-foot research vessel, R/V Buzzards Baykeeper, and perform water quality sampling as needed from May through September. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. For more information, see the Coalition’s Job Opportunities page.

Summer Communications and Marketing Intern - The Buzzards Bay Coalition is seeking a summer communications and marketing intern to create effective content for the Coalition’s website, social media accounts, and print publications. The intern will promote the Coalition’s work and enhance Discover Buzzards Bay, an online directory of Buzzards Bay places and things. This seasonal, unpaid internship is for rising high school seniors, graduates, and college students. For details, see the internship posting.

Summer Positions at Blue Ocean Society - The Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation is seeking full- and part-time Seasonal Educators to assist with in-school programs and work at the Blue Ocean Discovery Center in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Educators teach visitors about local marine life and human impacts on the marine environment and will also collect admission fees, sell merchandise, and work as greeters. Candidates must be familiar with cetacean, invertebrate (e.g., tide pool), and algae species in the Gulf of Maine. For more information, see the Job Opportunities page.

Field Inspector - The town of Lynnfield’s Planning & Conservation Department is seeking a part-time (15 hours/week) Field Inspector during the construction season (up to nine months) to ensure compliance with all department actions, including Orders of Conditions, Stormwater Permits, and Subdivision and Site Plan approvals. See the job posting for details. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, but first consideration will be given to applications received by May 10.

Calendar - Individual Events and Announcements

Hurricane Preparedness Webinars - On May 6 and 9, the Hurricanes: Science and Society team at the University of Rhode Island (URI) Graduate School of Oceanography, in partnership with the NOAA National Hurricane Center and the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center, will present two Hurricane Preparedness webinars for 4th-6th grade classes. Each webinar covers hurricane preparedness, hazards and forecasting, and airplane observation and includes real-time questions and answers. The May 6 webinar will provide an additional focus on Northeast hurricane science and history. Schools and classes must register in advance.

Citizen Science Webinar - On May 13, the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation will present Citizen Science Is Marine Science by Dr. Julia Parrish, Professor of Ocean Fishery Sciences and Associate Dean of the College of the Environment at the University of Washington. Dr. Parrish will discuss the benefits of citizen scientists, highlighting the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST), a citizen science program with about 1,000 dedicated participants that collect monthly data on beached birds and marine debris at 500 sites from California to Alaska.

EBC Briefing from the Army Corps of Engineers - On May 14, the Environmental Business Council of New England (EBC) will hold an EBC Briefing from the U.S. Army Corps New England District Leadership Team in Boston. Key divisions of the New England District will provide overviews of their critical environmental issues and challenges, including important construction, remediation, and restoration projects in the region. The session will conclude with a moderated discussion.

Hazard Mitigation Webinar - On May 17, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) will host Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves: An Update to the Groundbreaking 4-to-1 Study of 2005, a presentation on the benefits of hazard mitigation by Dr. Keith Porter, research professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Porter will discuss updates to the 2005 National Institute of Building Sciences study, Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves (4-to-1 Study), which provides positive benefit-cost ratios for meeting or exceeding building codes, remediation of utility and transportation infrastructure, and retrofitting public sector structures. Register to attend in person at MEMA Headquarters in Framingham or by webinar.

Mitigating Coastal Flooding Risks - On May 17, EBC will present EBC Climate Change Program: Early Actions to Mitigate Regional Coastal Flooding Risks in Boston. This morning program will highlight efforts to mitigate regional coastal flooding risks in Metro Boston with presentations from municipal and state officials, followed by a panel discussion and an opportunity for questions and answers.

Mudflat Mania Guide Training - In May and June, the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History will hold Mudflat Mania Guide Training. Attendees can become a guide for the museum’s popular Mudflat Mania hikes on the Brewster sand flats. Guides must attend two mandatory class sessions on May 21 and May 28 and one of three outdoor sessions on June 11, 12, and 21.

Municipal Vulnerability Assessments for Coastal Communities - On May 30, EBC will present EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Program: Municipal Vulnerability Assessments for Coastal Communities in Framingham. This program will focus on Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grants in coastal communities, featuring feedback on the MVP program from municipal representatives, including how cities and towns selected projects to submit for funding and secured the required match funds. The morning will conclude with a panel discussion.

International Erosion Control Conference—Call for Presentations - From February 23-26, the International Erosion Control Association (ICEA) will hold the 2020 ICEA Annual Conference and Expo in Raleigh, North Carolina, which focuses on the latest products, services, and technology for erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, shoreline restoration, industry trends, and other topics. Organizers are seeking abstracts for speaking opportunities, including case studies, technical papers, workshops, industry roundtable, posters, 30-minute presentations. Abstracts are due by May 31.

Climate Adaptation Forum—Disruptive Climate, Disruptive Technologies - On June 7, the next Climate Adaptation Forum from EBC and the University of Massachusetts Boston Sustainable Solutions Lab will be held in Boston. Disruptive Climate, Disruptive Technologies will feature speaker Kate Stebbins, Vice President of Economic Development at the University of Massachusetts. The discussion will highlight how disruptive and innovative technologies are changing the way decision makers address climate change adaptation and create better programs and policies.

Spectacle Island 5K - On June 8, Boston Harbor Now will hold the ninth annual Spectacle 5K and Fun Run on Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor, which includes a 5K Race, half-mile Kids Fun Run, picnic lunch for runners, music, and kids’ activities. All proceeds will help support free or low-cost access to Boston Harbor and the Islands. Registration is required.

One Ocean, One Cape Cod Celebration - To honor World Oceans Day, Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids will hold the second annual One Ocean, One Cape Cod: A Marine Celebration in Chatham on June 8. This family-friendly event will feature a screening of the Emmy Award winning documentary Sonic Sea followed with a talk by Katie Moore, Deputy Vice President of Conservation and Animal Welfare at the International Fund for Animal Welfare. All ticket sales support OPAK's educational programming across Southeastern Massachusetts.

Ipswich River Paddle-a-thon - On June 15, the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) will hold the Ipswich River Paddle-a-thon and Riverfest in Topsfield with four paddling events, including a 4-mile group paddle and a 2-mail race for any type of watercraft. All proceeds support IRWA and its efforts to keep the Ipswich River clean and healthy. Registration is required by May 22.

Emergency Management Conference - From June 18-19, MEMA will hold the 2019 All-Hazards Emergency Management Conference in Marlborough. This two-day conference for public- and private-sector emergency managers will include presentations, panel discussions, plenary and breakout sessions, and training workshops on hazards planning, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. Registration details will be available soon. Please direct any questions to the Conference Planning Committee at

Buzzards Bay Swim - On June 22, the Buzzards Bay Coalition will host the 2019 Buzzards Bay Swim in Fairhaven. Join hundreds of swimmers of all ages and ability levels for a 1.2-mile open-water swim across outer New Bedford Harbor. Funds raised support work to protect and restore Buzzards Bay. Registration is required.

Nantucket Coastal Conference - On June 26, Woods Hole Sea Grant, in coordination with the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and CZM, will hold the 2019 Nantucket Coastal Conference on Nantucket. This free conference will include presentations on coastal resilience, sea level rise, ocean acidification, storm flooding, water quality, and erosion, as well as a keynote address by Ruperto Chaparro Serrano, Director of the Puerto Rico Sea Grant Program, on the damage caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017 and the ongoing work to prepare, adapt, and respond to future events. Registration is required.

Stormwater Conference - From August 18-22, StormCon, the North American Surface Water Quality Conference and Exposition, will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. This annual conference will feature presentations on stormwater infrastructure and best management practices, green infrastructure, stormwater program management, permitting, stormwater research, monitoring, and industrial stormwater management.

Reminders - The following calendar items posted previously in CZ-Mail are still to come:

  • Mass Marine Educators Meeting and Conference - On May 4, Massachusetts Marine Educators will hold its 2019 Annual Meeting and Conference, Life in the Extreme, in Woods Hole. The conference will include presentations and workshops on how marine life has adapted to live in the extreme environments of the world’s ocean.
  • South Shore Climate Change Symposium - On May 9, the second South Shore Climate Change Symposium will be held in Norwell. This full-day symposium will present an overview of current research on climate change and its impacts, such as sea level rise, ocean acidification, and anticipated changes in precipitation that could cause inland flooding and changes to groundwater levels. Registration is required by May 6.
  • Mystic River Herring Run and Paddle - On May 18, the Mystic River Watershed Association will hold the 23rd annual Mystic River Herring Run and Paddle with a 5K Run/Walk along the Mystic River Bike Path and a 3-, 9-, or 12-mile Paddling Race up the Mystic River. Prizes donated by local businesses will be awarded. Registration is required.
  • Climate Programs Discussion - On May 23, EBC will present EBC Evening Program: Climate Programs for the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Boston, featuring Christopher Cook, Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space for the city of Boston, Kathleen Theoharides, EEA’s Undersecretary of Climate Change, and Ruth Silman, Chair of the EBC Climate Change and Air Committee.
  • Coastal Sediments Conference - From May 27-31, the Coastal Sediments 2019 Conference, Advancing Science & Engineering for Resilient Coastal Systems, will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida. This international coastal science and engineering conference will feature short courses, technical tours of local projects, and presentations.
  • Capitol Hill Ocean Week - From June 4-6, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation will hold Capitol Hill Ocean Week in Washington, DC. This annual conference examines current marine, coastal, and Great Lakes policy issues and features an awards gala.
  • World Oceans Day - June 8 is World Oceans Day and activities celebrating oceans and coasts are held across the world throughout June. The 2019 theme is “Together We Can Protect and Restore Our Ocean.” To get involved, see the World Oceans Day website.
  • Managed Retreat Conference - From June 19-21, the Climate Adaptation Initiative at Columbia University’s Earth Institute will host At What Point Managed Retreat? Resilience Building in the Coastal Zone in New York City. This conference will focus on the science and policies of sea level rise and coastal flooding.
  • Professional Development Workshops at New England Aquarium - This summer, the New England Aquarium will present the following Professional Development Workshops for teachers: Introduction to Oceanography and Marine Biology (July 8-12,) for grade 9-12 teachers; On the Waterfront: Integrating Science Standards Through Classroom and Field Investigations (July 22-26) for grade 6-8 teachers; and Go with the Flow: Water’s Journey Around the World (July 29-August 2) for grade 3-5 teachers. The deadline to register for all workshops is June 21.

Calendar - Multiple/Ongoing Events

Aquarium Lecture Series - On May 9, the New England Aquarium, as part of the Aquarium Lecture Series, will present Good Seatizenship: Policies, Plastics, and Programs to Conserve the Philippine Seas by Anna Oposa, Executive Director of Save Philippine Seas and New England Aquarium Marine Conservation Action Fund Fellow. The lecture is free and starts at 7 p.m. in the Aquarium’s IMAX Theatre. Sign up to be notified of future presentations by email. Recordings of past lectures are available on the lecture series archive page.

Barnstable Land Trust Walks, Talks, and Events - The Barnstable Land Trust has scheduled several upcoming events, including A Conversation with Barnstable Land Trust on May 16 and a Spring Flora and Fauna Hike on May 22. For a full schedule, see their 2019 Events page.

Boat Safety - From now into summer, the Massachusetts Environmental Police will offer free, state and nationally approved Boat Safety Courses for boaters age 12 and older. Courses cover responsible equipment and operating guidelines, and all graduates ages 12-15 receive a safety certificate that allows operation of a motorboat without adult supervision, as required by state law. All graduates ages 16-17 will also be allowed to operate a personal watercraft (jet ski, wave runner, etc.).

Buzzards Bay Walks and Events - The Buzzards Bay Coalition maintains an Events page with nature-based events hosted by numerous organizations and land trusts in the region. May events include an invasive plant removal, a 12-mile hike, a scenic bike ride, and other walks, talks, and opportunities for all ages. Events can be filtered by town, month, host, or select topics, such as kid-friendly and volunteering.

Cape Cod Bird Club Walks - The Cape Cod Bird Club holds free bird watching field trips. May events include Wednesday walks in Eastham on May 8, 15, and 22 and a series of Beech Forest Walks in Provincetown on Saturdays and Sundays through May 26.

Cape Cod Field Schools - Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is offering a variety of 2-, 3-, and 4-day field courses for adults that focus on the environment and wildlife of Cape Cod. Cape Cod Field Schools are hand-on experiences taught by professional naturalists and scientists. The next course is Migrants: Hawks to Warblers from May 17-19.

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History Programs - The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History hosts a variety of lectures, movie screenings, bird walks and talks, trainings and volunteer opportunities in May. Check out their events calendar for details.

Center for Coastal Studies Lectures - The Center for Coastal Studies presents free public lectures on Cape Cod, including Pearlside Story (and tales of similar fishes of the deep) on May 15 in Provincetown. For additional upcoming events, see their events page.

Ipswich River Watershed Events - The Ipswich River Watershed Association hosts events on the North Shore, including garden volunteer days, paddling trips, and walks in May. See their events page for details.

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Programs and Activities - In May, Mass Audubon’s Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary provides numerous nature walks, talks, and adventures. See the programs, classes, & activities page and search the program catalog for event and schedule information on educational programs, spring birding, canoeing and kayaking, art classes, walks, and lectures.

Joppa Flats Education Center Programs and Events - The Mass Audubon Joppa Flats Education Center hosts a variety of programs for children and adults. See their program catalog for May events and education opportunities, including lectures, birding, family events, and activities for homeschoolers.

Mass Audubon Cape Cod Walks, Lectures, and Events - Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in South Wellfleet and Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary in Barnstable offer educational programs for children, adults, and families including hikes and walks, birding, lectures, an oyster tour, and more. For more information on May events, search the calendar of programs, classes, and activities for Wellfleet Bay and Long Pasture.

Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions Education - The Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions provides specialized education programs. See their Complete Education Catalog for an overview of upcoming wetland delineation and other workshops and the Community Calendar for a schedule of other programs including Blowin' in the Wind: Wind-Pollinated Plants on May 31.

Mystic River Watershed Events - The Mystic River Watershed Association holds events, including trainings, lectures, and a paddling competition. See their Calendar for links to events by date, including a speaker series and fee paddle clinic in May.

National Marine Sanctuaries Webinars - The NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Webinar Series provides educators with resources and training to support ocean and climate literacy in the classroom. Upcoming webinars include Estimating Coral Feeding Habits from Space on May 21 and Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies—Vessel Speed Reduction in California on June 11.

New England Aquarium Youth Programs - The New England Aquarium has ocean education classes, summer camps, marine biology training, service-learning opportunities, teen internships, and other programs for kids from 12 months to 12th grade. See the aquarium website for more information.

NOAA Science and Climate Seminars - The OneNOAA Science Seminar web page provides details on NOAA science and climate seminars and webinars that are available across the nation, including An Overview of Global Carbon Cycle: Where Are the Gaps in Our Understanding? on May 7.

North and South Rivers Watershed Events - The North and South Rivers Watershed Association hosts events on the South Shore, including fly-fishing class, pontoon tours, clamming on the North River trip, and Timing the Tides workshops on May 8 and May 29. See their events page for details.

Planet Stewards Educator Events - The NOAA Planet Stewards Education Project provides resources for educators of elementary- through college-aged students to promote scientific understanding of environmental challenges. Upcoming events include the webinar How New Technology is Changing the Way We Study and Predict Extreme Storms on May 13. Sign up to receive emails about future events.

Salem Sound Workshops, Trainings, and Lectures - In May, Salem Sound Coastwatch will host educational events, including Habitats of Salem Sound, a professional development workshop for grade K-4 teachers on May 14 and coastal cleanups on May 4 and 18. For details on these and other events, see their May calendar.

Sound in the Sea Webinars - On May 22, URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography will present Pile Driving and Wind Turbines, the second session of the four-part Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS) webinar series on man-made underwater sound sources. Each hour-long webinar will provide an update on current research, a review of noise mitigation measures, and a facilitated discussion. Advanced registration is required.

Thornton Burgess Nature Program - On the first Saturday of each month, the Thornton Burgess Society at the Green Briar Nature Center in East Sandwich will present Nature Program 2019, a series of in-depth naturalist classes. The next session is Pine-Oaks Forests with Elise Leduc on May 4, which will explore the trees, shrubs, and wildflowers in the Boyden Farm Conservation Area.

Other Items of Interest

Hurricane Preparedness Week - May 5-11 is Hurricane Preparedness Week, an annual reminder from the National Weather Service to help residents prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, which begins on June 1. See the Hurricane Preparedness Week website for information on hurricane safety, upcoming hurricane webinars, 2019 Hurricane Awareness Tours of hurricane hunter aircraft, preparedness videos, current forecasts, and other resources.

Shrink Wrap Recycling Program - Through June 30, Woods Hole Sea Grant, in collaboration with the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, AmeriCorps, and Covanta, is offering a free shrink wrap recycling program for Cape Cod residents. While space lasts, boat owners can bring their bundled shrink wrap to one of three Cape Cod locations to be recycled. For details, including locations, times, and instructions, see Sea Grant website.

MMA Seeking Summer Co-op Positions - The Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) is seeking employers interested in hosting students from the cooperative education program (co-op) this summer. Approximately 300 students in the Facilities Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, International Maritime Business, Marine Construction, Marine Science, Safety and Environmental Protection, and Emergency Management programs are looking for fulfilling co-op or internship opportunities, which are required for graduation. Students are available from June 24-August 30. If interested, please complete the MMA Co-op Position Request Form. For more information, see the Cooperative Education Employer Handbook.

New England Environmental Merit Awards - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking nominations for Environmental Merit Awards in New England. This program honors teachers, citizen activists, business leaders, scientists, and others who have “made outstanding contributions on behalf of New England’s public health and natural environment.” Applications are due by May 10.

Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards for Natural Resources - The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) is seeking nominations for the 2019 Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards for Natural Resources, which recognizes “outstanding efforts to increase the resilience of America’s valuable living natural resources and the many people, businesses, and communities that depend on them.” Individuals, groups, organizations, and government agencies are eligible to apply. Up to eight awards will be announced in September at the AFWA Annual Meeting. Submit nominations online by May 18.

Green Infrastructure and Excellence in Communications Awards - The National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies is seeking applications for its 2019 Green Infrastructure Awards and Excellence in Communications Awards, which recognize outstanding green stormwater infrastructure projects and excellence in communicating about flood risk awareness and water quality issues. Applications are due by May 15.

Coastal Management Photo Contest - NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management is seeking photos of “coastal management in action” for the Coastal Management Photo Contest. Winning images will be featured in an Office for Coastal Management social media campaign in May. Please submit photos in one of the following categories: areas that coastal programs protect, recreation, public access, permitting, costal hazards, marine debris, ocean planning, hazard mitigation, or economics by May 6 to (limit 10 images per entry).

e360 Video Contest - The sixth annual Yale Environment 360 Video Contest recognizes the best environmental films that have not been widely viewed online and less than 20 minutes in length. First-place prize is $2,000 and two runners-up will each receive $500. The winning entries will also be posted on the Yale Environment 360 website. Submissions are due by May 31.

Volunteer for APCC - The Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) is seeking volunteers to help to preserve, protect and enhance the natural resources of Cape Cod. Opportunities include garden tending, photography, data entry, small projects, repair work, and herring monitoring. See the Volunteer with APCC web page for details and to fill out a volunteer application.

Volunteer for the Charles River - The Charles River Watershed Association welcomes volunteers to monitor water quality, sample benthic fauna, canoe for clean water, and other projects. See the Volunteer web page or sign up for Volunteer e-Alerts about upcoming opportunities.

Inner Space Center Day Camps - This summer, the Inner Space Center at the URI Graduate School of Oceanography will offer two day-camp opportunities. Current high school students can apply for Ocean Exploration: Naval Science and Technology Camp, a one-week session from July 8-12 on building and testing oceanographic tools and instruments, including remotely operated vehicles and ocean sensors. Applications are due by May 10. Also, students ages 11-14 can attend Ocean Science Exploration Camp from July 15-19, which will focus on physical oceanography and the science of ocean currents, tides, and waves.