CZM Coastal Habitat Program - Coastal Wetland Monitoring and Assessment

Find information on Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) efforts to monitor coastal wetlands and assess their environmental health.

Coastal wetlands are unique, valuable, and highly productive ecosystems that provide vital habitat and refuge for fish, shellfish, and wildlife. These wetlands also perform important physical and chemical functions, such as stabilizing the shoreline, filtering and trapping sediment and contaminants from stormwater runoff, and producing plant matter that serves as an energy source in the larger coastal and marine environment. The legacy of urban development and human activities in coastal areas has resulted in the direct loss and alteration of a significant portion of wetlands in the United States. While this direct destruction has been dramatically curtailed with regulatory protection, adverse effects from indirect sources—such as contamination from stormwater runoff, oil and other toxic spills, and subsurface water withdrawal—continue to degrade wetlands.