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CZM Jobs and Grants

Find information on employment opportunities and available grants from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).


CZM South Coastal Regional Coordinator - The selected candidate will provide technical assistance, coordinate local and regional initiatives, serve as a liaison between federal and state programs and municipalities, perform project review, and otherwise support the 16 coastal communities from Wareham to Seekonk. For details, see the job posting. Also see CZM Regional Program for additional information about CZM Regional Coordinators and the South Coastal Regional Office.

Please see the links below for other state and coastal-related opportunities.


Open Requests for Responses (RFRs)

There currently are no open RFRs for CZM grant programs.

Other Grant Opportunities - See the Community Grant Finder (a central location to learn about state grant opportunities for cities and towns) and  COMMBUYS (the Commonwealth's electronic procurement system) for other state opportunities.

CZM Grant Programs

  • Coastal Resilience Grant Program - These CZM-administered grants to municipalities and nonprofit organizations advance innovative local efforts to address coastal flooding, erosion, and sea level rise impacts through communication and public outreach initiatives, vulnerability assessments, planning activities, engineering projects, and natural storm damage protection.
  • Coastal Pollutant Remediation (CPR) Program - These grants, also administered by CZM, provide financial resources to municipalities located in the Massachusetts Coastal Watershed to assess and remediate stormwater pollution from paved surfaces and to design and construct commercial boat waste pumpout facilities.
  • Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP) - This program provides federal funding for coastal and estuarine land conservation projects.
  • Grant Programs of the National Estuary Programs (NEPs) administered by CZM
    • Buzzards Bay Municipal Mini-Grant Program - These grants, administered by the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program (BBNEP), provide funding to implement recommendations in the Buzzards Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan to protect and restore water quality and living resources in Buzzards Bay and its surrounding watershed.
    • MassBays Healthy Estuary Grant Program - These grants, administered by the MassBays National Estuary Program (MassBays), provide small grants to nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and municipalities for projects that advance the goals of the MassBays Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.
  • CZM Grant Viewer - This interactive map provides information on these grants: CZM’s Coastal Resilience Grants and Coastal Pollutant Remediation (CPR) Grants, BBNEP grants and funding, and the MassBays Healthy Estuaries Grants. Pop-up boxes provide details on each grant award and information can be sorted by grant program, category (including Construction - Living Shoreline or Stormwater Infrastructure, Design & Permitting, Habitat Restoration, and Vulnerability Assessment), and year that mapped data are available.

Other State Coastal-Related Grants