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Disaster Preparation & Response

The Division of Insurance has updated its disaster preparedness and response procedures in order to help expedite the claims process for policyholders following a natural or man-made disaster.

The following resources address pre- and post-disaster communication, emergency access procedures for insurance company property adjusters, and detailed insurance loss data collection.


Pre-Disaster Protocols

Massachusetts Catastrophe Preparation Survey – Division of Insurance Bulletin 2016-10 requires all property insurers to complete this survey annually to facilitate communications and access to areas following a disaster.  Click here  to obtain the survey and instructions for its completion.

Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) – The CEAS is a non-profit, public-private partnership in emergency credentialing of employees.  It is an access control system that pre-authenticates critical private sector employees before an event occurs for access to restricted areas and roadways following a disaster or serious emergency.  To learn more about CEAS in Massachusetts, click here.

Post-Disaster Protocols

Emergency Authorization of Additional Claims Personnel – Division of Insurance Bulletin 2016-11 outlines the conditions which may cause the Division to issue special procedures for the emergency use of additional property insurance claims adjusters following a disaster.  If the Division sees a need to issue special procedures relative to a specific disaster, those procedures can be found by clicking on the event name below.

Detailed Insurance Loss Data Collection – Division of Insurance Bulletin 2016-12 outlines the conditions which may cause the Division to collect additional insured loss information following a disaster.  If the Division elects to pursue additional insurance data collection, the instructions for compiling and submitting such information can be found by clicking on the event name below.