EEC Categories of Study

The Department of Early Education and Care's Categories of Study are the topic areas included in the educational requirements for educators and staff working in early childhood or out of school time settings.

The EEC Categories of Study are a key component of the Revised Educator Qualifications Policies (link), which reflect efforts to promote the growth of a workforce severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These policies offer educators flexible suggestions for absolute minimum requirements that any candidate for hire must meet prior to an offer of employment. These suggested requirements include coursework included in the Categories of Study. These policies will be in place until the EEC credential system is launched.

Please note the addition of Category 14: Topics Specific to Out-of-School Time (OST): Includes General Elementary Education, Middle School Education, Special Education Studies, and Studies Related to Positive Youth Development.

  • Category of Study 1: Child Growth and Development, Birth – Eight Years
  • Category of Study 2: Planning Programs and Environments for Young Children
  • Category of Study 3: Curriculum for Early Childhood Settings
  • Category of Study 4: Child and Classroom Management
  • Category of Study 5: Advanced or Specialized Early Childhood Education or Development
  • Category of Study 6: Children with Special Needs, Birth – Sixteen Years
  • Category of Study 7: Infant and Toddler Development, Care, and Program Planning
  • Category of Study 8: Health and Safety in Early Childhood
  • Category of Study 9: Families and Community
  • Category of Study 10: Child Care Policy
  • Category of Study 11: Supervision or Staff Development in Early Childhood Education
  • Category of Study 12: Child Observation, Documentation, and Assessment
  • Category of Study 13: Child Care Administration
  • Category of Study 14: Topics Specific to Out of School Time 

Each category of study outlines the content that is expected to be taught in a course within that category. Please download EEC's Categories of Study Content Guidance for more information.