Filing EEC Final Financial Reports

All Grantees must submit a Final Financial Report (FFR) at the close of the grant period for each individual grant they have received for the current fiscal year.

How to file a final grant financial report

At the close of the grant period, you must submit a Final Financial Report (FFR) for the grant that you have received for the current fiscal year. You must submit one signed report to EEC within 60 days of the close of the grant.

  • In order to submit a Final Financial Report, you must log into the FY2019 Online Application for your grant.  Please see the section below.
  • The grant period ends on June 30, 2019 when all funds are assigned in the budget for expenditures allocated through June 30, 2019. The FFR1 is due by or before August 30, 2019.

You must return all unexpended funds to the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) via check. Please make the check payable to the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts-EEC” and submit it with your Final Financial Form.

Please note: 

EEC may negotiate with the selected grantee(s) on the specific deliverable and timeline for their completion prior to the commencement of this project. Payments will be made according to the final negotiated terms. EEC will have sole discretion to determine whether a deliverable has been successfully completed by a Grantee thereby triggering a payment.

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Links to the FY2019 Online Applications

If you need the password for the online application, please email or obtain the password from your Grant Coordinator.  Please click on the links below to access the Online Applications.


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