Find out who can file an Application for a Child Requiring Assistance

Learn about who can start a Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) case and what can be reported in the application.

A CRA court case is started by filing an Application for a Child Requiring Assistance. There are 2 types of applications that can be filed depending on who's filing.

A parent, legal guardian, or custodian with custody of the child can file an application stating that the child is:

  • A runaway who repeatedly runs away from the home of the parent, legal guardian, or custodian
  • A stubborn child who doesn't obey lawful and reasonable commands of the parent, legal guardian, or custodian, which interferes with their ability to care for the child

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Someone representing the school district

A person who represents the school district your child attends can file an application stating that your child is:

  • A habitual truant who doesn't attend school for more than 8 days in a quarter without a proper excuse
  • A habitual school offender who doesn't obey the lawful and reasonable commands of the school

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