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Fleet Policies, including Fuel Efficiency Standard

OVM's Policies and Procedures apply to Executive Branch Level III and "opted-in" entities ensuring state vehicles are efficiently and economically allocated, operated, marked, repaired, maintained, and are in compliance with applicable legal requirements.

OVM policies provide the rules and regulations associated with the use of Commonwealth vehicles by Executive Branch departments and personnel. The policies apply to state vehicles that are owned, leased, rented, or received as gifts by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Vehicle fleets maintained by the Commonwealth's Constitutional, Legislative, and Judicial Offices, the public institutions of higher learning, the Department of Transportation, independent authorities, the state police and the environmental police are not governed by the policies and procedures of the Office of Vehicle Management. 

In addition to the Policies and Procedures Manual, Executive Branch departments must comply with Executive Office for Administration and Finance Administration Bulletin #10, Use of State Vehicles by Executive Agencies. 

Also, the Operational Services Division, in collaboration with the Department of Energy Resources and the Department of Environmental Protection, has adopted a fuel efficiency standard.

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