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FY10-FY11 State Plan


FY10 State Plan - FY11 Extension

For Fiscal Year 2010 (FY10) states are required to submit a modification to the current two-year (FY08 - 09) State Plan for Workforce Investment Act and Wagner-Peyser Funding. This FY10 State Plan modification is a stand-alone document consisting of responses to specific questions from USDOL.

The modification was developed with input from the Commonwealth's workforce partners including the Department of Workforce Development, the Division of Career Services, Commonwealth Corporation, the Workforce Investment Association, the Massachusetts Workforce Board Association and those who attend the monthly Workforce Partners Meetings.

Below, please locate the FY10 Massachusetts State Plan Modification. Please direct all questions and comments to Diane Hurley at

                     MA State Plan FY10   file size 1MB

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          Organization Chart                            
          MassWorkforce Issuance #09-02 - Implementing Veterans' Priority of Services  
          Training module - Implementation of Veterans' Priority of Service  
D   DOL Letter: WIA/ARRA Waivers Approved May 19, 2009  
  • Allows companion contracts for SYP activities (expired 9/30/09)
  • Youth performance measures waiver for Work Experience only (expired 3/31/10)
  • Program design flexibility in serving OSY in Work Experience only (expired 3/31/10)

DOL Letter: WIA Waivers Approved November 12, 2009  

(approved through 6/30/10)

  • Use of Individual Training Accounts for Older and Out-of-School Youth
  • Use of formula funds for Incumbent Worker Training
  • Use of Rapid Response funds for Incumbent Worker Training
  • Expanded transfer authority - Adult and Dislocated Worker funds
  • Waiver of requirement for competitive procurement of Youth Follow-Up Services

  DOL Letter: WIA Waiver for Customized Training – Approved December 9, 2009  

(approved through 6/30/10)

  • Employer match based upon a sliding scale according to employer size.

  Massachusetts OJT Waiver Request – Approved August 4, 2010  

(approved through 6/30/11)

  • Waiver request proposes a sliding scale of reimbursement based upon employer size to an employer for the extraordinary costs of providing training and additional supervision related to On-the-Job Training (OJT).
H   Common Measures Waiver Approval  
  • Waive the requirement for reporting Performance Outcome Measures for Workforce Investment Act Title I; Wagner Peyser Act (Labor Exchange); Jobs for Veterans Act of 2002 (Title 38 USC); and Trade Act in order to implement Common Measures.
I   Waiver of Performance Incentive Grant Requirement   file size 3MB