Instructions: Complaint for separate support court form

Instructions and information to assist you in completing this form.

File with this complaint

The following must be filed with this complaint: 

  • Certified copy of civil marriage certificate.
  • Affidavit of Care and Custody, if parties have child(ren) together (Form available at the courthouse)
  • Applicable filing fees
  • Financial statements

Filing fees

See the Probate and Family Court filing fees for applicable filing fees.

Service of complaint

Service of complaint on defendant is to be made in accordance with Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure Rule 4.

Financial statements

View this financial statements page for additional information, including the financial statement (short form) and instructions, and the financial statement (long form) and instructions.

See also Uniform Probate Court Practice XXX, and Supplemental Probate Court Rule 401

Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

Child Support Guidelines Worksheet if support for child(ren) requested.

Additional Resources for

Uniform Counsel Certification

Attorneys are required to file a Uniform Counsel Certification.

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