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The Virtual Gateway aims to deliver services in new, better, and more innovative ways to the Commonwealth's citizens.

By consolidating information and online services in a single location on the internet, the Virtual Gateway simplifies the process of connecting people to critical health and human services programs and information.

Today, approximately 1 million individuals representing more than 18,000 organizations use the Virtual Gateway to conduct business with agencies within EOHHS.

A couple of examples of the many activities that Virtual Gateway users can perform include:

  • Manage Service Programs: Manage services for children, seniors, veterans, homeless, and disabled persons who are aided by departments within EOHHS.
  • Submit Bills and Service Records: Complete and submit service delivery reports and invoices through a single front door to EOHHS agencies.

The Virtual Gateway has driven ongoing improvement in its capacity to serve the public efficiently. The Virtual Gateway has:

  • Reduced the amount of time it takes to apply for services and receive an eligibility determination
  • Expedited half a million applications for services from individuals and families
  • Improved case management and service delivery for some of our most vulnerable citizens
  • Reduced the amount of time it takes for EOHHS to pay contracted service providers

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