Local Options Relating to Property Taxation, CPA, Meals and Room Occupancy

Data relating to locally adopted legislation relating to property taxes assessed by community's.

Municipalities may adopt certain local option statutes that will impact the assessment of local property taxes.  It is important that these notifications be submitted to the Municipal Databank, because they may have an impact on other forms or processes in the DLS Gateway Application.  Municipalities that have adopted one or more of these local options appear in this report.

Report of Local Options Relating to Property Taxes

Senior Circuit Breaker Credit Usage Report by Community

Local Option Rooms, Meals and Recreational Marijuana Information

This section provides a report detailing communities that have adopted this local option tax or excise for room occupancy, meals and recreational marijuana.  It also shows potential revenues by community if they adopted the local option meals tax, and the actual distribution of local option room occupancy, meals and coming soon local option excises on the sale of recreational marijuana by community.

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