Map, Compass, & Survival course offerings

Instruction on wilderness survival, how to use a compass, and how to read a topographical map. Includes an afternoon in the woods!

The Map, Compass, and Survival course is one of our advanced skill courses offered by the Massachusetts Hunter Education Program. Courses are traditionally held once a month on a Saturday from April through October and are free of charge.

You will be outdoors part of the day (rain or shine)! All students must come prepared.
Please bring a lunch, snacks, water, and a whistle to class. You must be dressed for outdoor activities (i.e. sunglasses, long pants, hiking shoes/boots, insect/tick repellent, rain gear, and bright-colored outer clothing)

This course is not recommended for students under the age of 12. 

Map, Compass and Survival course schedule

Our fall 2017 Map, Compass & Survival courses have completed.
There are no current course offerings.
Please check back in April of 2018 for new listings. 

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