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Massachusetts Grown and Fresher Logo and Marketing Materials

These logo materials offered to farms, schools and the public.

These posters, stickers and price cards feature the Massachusetts grown...and fresher logo. We encourage the use of these at farms and at farmers' markets. They identify and promote crops and products grown in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts grown and fresher logo


MassGrown posters

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Posters - Availability Chart, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Vegetable, Apple

Price Cards

MassGrown Price Cards

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Massachusetts Grown Logo Graphic Standards

Identity standards provide best practices, guidelines, and templates to make it easy for anyone affiliated with Massachusetts grown and fresher to support and strengthen the overall brand. The graphic standards help us all work together to present a unified image, reinforce our purpose, and distinguish ourselves from other state organizations. By adhering to these guidelines, we will strengthen the Massachusetts grown and fresher brand and reinforce locally grown.

These identity standards provide guidelines for logo usage, fonts, colors, layouts, and more. The standards outlined in this guide apply to all materials produced using the Massachusetts grown and fresher logo. The logo can be used by anyone to identify or promote Massachusetts grown farm products.

Graphic Design Standards for the Massachusetts Grown and Fresher Logo