Massachusetts Information Technology Center - Security

Learn about the responsibilities of the building's Security Department.

About MITC Security

The MITC building is a 24/7 secure operation facility. Security staffs the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Security staffed stations are located in the Main Lobby and the Loading dock.  Security utilizes a clearly marked Security vehicle to patrol the remote parking areas and pathways at MITC. Security can be reached at (617) 660-5530.


The Security Department: 

  • Manages Building Visitors and Customers
  • Establishes and implements Security policies and procedures
  • Provides Emergency Response Planning
  • Manages contracts for Security Services and Security Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Provides Photo ID/Access Cards for employees
  • Maintains Key Control
  • Manages building Parking Operations

Security works with the following agencies to maintain a secure facility:

  • Massachusetts State Police
  • Executive Office of Public Safety & Security
  • State Fire Marshal

Local Police, Fire, and EMS Services

To contact the Security Department, email : For more urgent issues, contact the Deputy Director of Security at 857-214-1516.


Security Checkpoint:

All visitors, (e.g., anyone who does not have ID Access) must submit to screening at a security checkpoint before entering the building. Any visitor refusing to submit to screening will not be allowed entrance to the facility. Visitors are strictly prohibited from carrying any weapon or prohibited item as defined by DCAMM policy while present in the building.

Any employee that has forgotten or lost their badge will be subject to screening. Employees without an access badge will be required to sign in at the Security desk and contact their supervisor for an escort to their work area.

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