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Massachusetts Rider Education Program (MREP)

MREP is dedicated to making the state safer for motorcyclists. The RMV sponsors the program to offer motorcyclists access to training courses across the Commonwealth.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) sponsors the Massachusetts Rider Education Program (MREP) to cut risks and maximize the fun of motorcycling. MREP's mission is to reduce the number of motorcycle-related accidents. It does this by providing access to motorcycle training courses for motorcycle riders.


MREP provides quality rider education and training to both novice and experienced motorcycle riders. The program is designed to assist riders of all levels and to promote the safe operation of motorcycles. The curriculum used in these programs was developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. There are 2 courses offered through MREP:

  • Basic rider course - the basic rider course teaches students basic motorcycling skills through classroom instruction and on-cycle training.
  • Experienced rider course - the experienced rider course teaches students advanced riding techniques and defensive riding strategies.

Only the basic rider course is required in order to obtain a Class M driver's license. However, the RMV strongly recommends that you also take the experienced rider course.

The basic rider course consists of:

  • 15 hours of instruction
    • 5 hours of classroom instruction - includes motorcycling basics such as control, preparation, turning and braking, street awareness, special riding situations, and the dangers of riding impaired.
    • 10 hours of on-cycle instruction - incorporates and applies the lessons learned in the classroom instruction.

Students must attend all classroom and on-cycle sessions and pass both a multiple-choice examination and riding skills evaluation to graduate the program.

Junior operators (under 18) are required to complete the basic rider course, in addition to the requirements of a junior operator license.


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Benefits of MREP

The benefits of taking a motorcycle safety course are:

  • Professional introduction to motorcycling through the basic rider course

  • Sharpen riding skills through the experienced rider course

  • Get your motorcycle license/endorsement

  • Save 10% (limited) on your motorcycle insurance


For information about rider training outside of Massachusetts, please visit the State Motorcycle Safety Administration (SMSA) website or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation site.


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