MassHealth provider regulations

The regulations on this website are listed alphabetically by provider type.

MassHealth providers are automatically sent notice of all provider regulations issued that apply to them. Providers who are missing a publication that cannot be located on this website should contact

MassHealth Customer Service Center
P.O. Box 121205
Boston, MA 02112-1205

Fax: (617) 988-8973.


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MassHealth proposed regulations and public notices

Please note:  The WORD, RTF, and TXT versions of regulations are accessible formats intended for screen readers used by the vision-impaired.

MassHealth provider regulations

Administrative and Billing Regulations (130 CMR 450.000)

Abortion Services (130 CMR 484.000)

Acute Inpatient Hospital Services (130 CMR 415.000)

Adult Day Health Services (130 CMR 404.000)

Adult Foster Care (130 CMR 408.000)

Audiologist Services (130 CMR 426.000)

Chiropractor Services (130 CMR 441.000)

Chronic Disease and Rehabilitation Inpatient Hospital Services (130 CMR 435.000)

Community Health Center Services (130 CMR 405.000) 

Day Habilitation Center Services (130 CMR 419.000)

Dental Services (130 CMR 420.000)

Durable Medical Equipment Services (130 CMR 409.000)

Early Intervention Program Services (130 CMR 440.000)

Family Planning Agency Services (130 CMR 421.000)

Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Centers (130 CMR 423.000)

Hearing Instrument Specialist Services (130 CMR 416.000)

Home- and Community-Based Services Waiver Services (130 CMR 630.000)

Home Health Agency (130 CMR 403.000)

Hospice Services (130 CMR 437.000)

Independent Clinical Laboratory Services (130 CMR 401.000)

Independent Diagnostic Testing Services (130 CMR 431.000)

Independent Nurse (130 CMR 414.000)

Long Term Care Services (130 CMR 456.000)

Mental Health Center Services (130 CMR 429.000)

Orthotics Services (130 CMR 442.000)

Outpatient Hospital Services (130 CMR 410.000)

Oxygen and Respiratory Therapy Equipment (130 CMR 427.000)

Personal Care Services (130 CMR 422.000)

Pharmacy Services (130 CMR 406.000)

Physician Services (130 CMR 433.000)

Podiatrist Services (130 CMR 424.000)

Prosthetics Services (130 CMR 428.000)

Psychiatric Day Treatment Program Services (130 CMR 417.000)

Psychiatric Hospital Outpatient Services (130 CMR 434.000)

Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Services (130 CMR 425.000)

Psychologist Services (130 CMR 411.000)

Radiation Oncology Treatment Centers (130 CMR 436.000)

Rehabilitation Center Services (130 CMR 430.000)

Renal Dialysis Clinic Services (130 CMR 412.000)

Speech and Hearing Center Services (130 CMR 413.000)

Sterilization and Hysterectomy Services (130 CMR 485.000)

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services (130 CMR 418.000)

Therapist Services (130 CMR 432.000)

Transportation Services (130 CMR 407.000)

Vision Care Services (130 CMR 402.000)


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