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Members of the Board of Registration in Dentistry

See who makes up our Board.

The governor appoints our Board members. We serve for up to 2 5-year terms, without compensation.

Board members

Member Seat
Dr. Stephen DuLong, Chair Dentist 6, Faculty
Ailish M. Wilkie, CPHQ, Secretary Public 1
Dr. David Samuels Dentist 1
Dr. John Hsu Dentist 4
Dr. Paul Levy Dentist 2
Dr. Patricia (Pei-Hua) Wu Dentist 3
Dr. Cynthia M. Stevens Dentist 5
Lois Sobel, RDH Dental Hygienist 1
Jacyn Stultz, RDH Dental Hygienist 2
Kathleen Held Dental Assistant
Vacant Public 2
Vacant Dental Assistant Advisor 1
Vacant Dental Assistant Advisor 2


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