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Notice to UIC Registrants - Revised Regulations

Applicants wishing to register a UIC well with the MassDEP Drinking Water Program need to be aware of new regulations

Notice to UIC registrants:

Please be aware that revised UIC Regulations (310 CMR 27.00) were promulgated on September 23, 2016. One of the regulation changes requires that new UIC registrations be filed electronically through MassDEP’s electronic filing system (eDEP ). The only exception is for the registration of closed-loop geothermal wells because that well type does not currently exist in the eDEP system. Therefore, the MS Word and PDF versions of the BRP WS 06 UIC Registration application forms are no longer available for download and no longer accepted by MassDEP for new UIC registration applications (except for closed-loop geothermal wells). The eDEP system does not currently include the UIC technical compliance forms and those are still available in MS Word and PDF formats. UIC applicants may either upload a PDF copy of the applicable completed and signed UIC technical compliance form when submitting their eDEP UIC registration application, or mail them to the MassDEP UIC program. The main purposes of the technical compliance forms are to assist applicants to determine whether a proposed UIC Class V discharge is approvable under current MassDEP UIC regulations (310 CMR 27.00), and to allow for quicker issuance of registration approvals.