Underground Injection Control (UIC)

The UIC program protects groundwater from contamination. Injecting fluid into the ground may be a threat to public health, especially if there are nearby wells used for drinking water.

The UIC program is a federal program under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), which is managed in Massachusetts by the MassDEP Drinking Water Program. The UIC program protects underground sources of drinking water by regulating the disposal of fluids into the subsurface that may be a threat to public health or the environment. Most UIC wells or injection wells are simple devices that allow fluids into the shallow subsurface under the force of gravity. The potential for ground water contamination from UIC wells exists and is dependent upon the well construction and location, the volume and quality of the fluids injected and the hydrogeologic setting.

State regulations 310 CMR 27.00 (Underground Injection Control Regulations) are used to administer the program.