Oil Spill Response Equipment

MassDEP has parked trailers will oil spill response equipment in all the coastal communities. Local responders have trained with the equipment so that an oil spill can be addressed before significant damage is done.

Oil Spill Response Trailers

MassDEP has provided an oil spill response trailer to each of the listed coastal communities (click on link below for full-sized map). MassDEP currently owns 76,500 feet of near-shore containment boom and 2,000 feet of off-shore containment boom, both of which are used in response to fresh oil spills, and over 16,000 feet of snare boom, which is used to "snare" tar balls.

MassDEP has 25 trained emergency responders, on call 24/7, who drill with U.S. Coast Guard ((USCG), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and local responders (fire departments, shellfish wardens, harbor masters) on response to oil and hazardous materials incidents. Many of these staff are specially trained in marine oil spill response techniques.

MassDEP also contracts with experienced oil spill response companies to provide incident response and cleanup. These companies have experienced staff and stockpiled equipment for use in responding to marine oil spills. DEP and USCG are monitoring those companies to ensure that local response capacity is maintained at adequate levels. 

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MassDEP is committed to improving state and local preparedness and response to marine oil spills by providing coastal communities with oil spill equipment and training.  To accomplish this goal MassDEP has begun providing each community with a 20’ oil spill response trailer that contains 1000’ of containment boom and absorbent materials.  The documents below have information on what equipment is contained in each spill trailer, where to find it, how to effectively use and maintain it and what additional resources are available in neighboring communities.

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