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Open Space and Recreation Plans

Find details on Open Space and Recreation Plans (OSRPs) and links to resources you may find helpful in preparing your community’s OSRP.

Open Space and Recreation Plans are a tool through which a community plans for the future of its conservation and recreation resources.   OSRPs are informed by a thorough public participation process and reflect the needs of its community members.  The plans are reviewed and approved by the Commonwealth to ensure that they conform to the OSRP requirements.  When a community has an approved OSRP, it becomes eligible for DCS grant programs for up to seven years.

    OSRP Review Process

    1. Mail a hard copy of your OSRP, with a cover letter naming a contact person, to:
      Melissa Cryan
      Division of Conservation Services
      100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
      Boston, MA  02114
    2. Send an electronic copy of your OSRP to melissa.cryan@mass.gov
    3. OSRPs are reviewed in order received for completeness and conformity with OSRP requirements
    4. A conditional approval letter is sent, which details remaining items that need to be addressed prior to plan receiving final approval
    5. Once those items are addressed, and a hard copy of the plan with the changes/additions is mailed to DCS, a final approval letter is sent

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