Outdoor Water Use Restrictions for Cities, Towns, and Golf Courses

Learn about any water restrictions that may currently be in place in your city or town.

NOTE: The restriction season for 2018 ended on September 30. The most recent map and list are provided here for information purposes only. Updated maps and lists will resume in May 2019.

Current City and Town Water Restrictions

This map shows the latest update for the water use restrictions for Massachusetts communities. MassDEP regularly updates the map during the monitoring season (normally May 1 through Sep. 30). 

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Restriction Information

Emergency restrictions or bans on non-essential water use are utilized by water suppliers to reduce water consumption by their consumers. These restrictions vary by water system or community, but often include:

  • Limitations on the hours of the day you may water
  • Limitations on the number of days per week you may water
  • Restrictions to automatic sprinklers or irrigation systems
  • A¬†complete ban on outdoor watering.

You can find out if there is a water restriction by contacting your local community government.

Public Water Suppliers should use the "Notification of Water Use Restriction Form" provided below to notify MassDEP of any restrictions they put in place.

You can find more drought and water restriction information from:

  • The Department of Conservation & Recreation
  • MassDEP's Water Management Act Program

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