Quabbin Fishing and Boating Advisories and Security

Learn about advisories about fishing in the Quabbin Reservoir.


Harassment of Loons Prohibited

Keep Boats 500 Feet Away From Loons

Violators May be Subject to Fines or
May Be Banned From Boat Access
313 CMR 11.09(2)(a)(23)
313 CMR 11.09(2)(b)(7)


Boat Seals

All private boats launched on the reservoir must now have an intact Quabbin Boat Seal that certifies the craft has gone through a DCR approved decontamination process.  Seals must be intact when the boats are inspected by Boat Launch Area attendants prior to launching.  Click here for a schedule of boat inspections/cleanings or call the Quabbin Visitor Center at (413) 323-7221.

Security Issues

Here are some tips for keeping yourself safe and secure when fishing or boating in the Quabbin Reservoir:

  • Notify officials if anything seems out of the ordinary.
  • Report violations of DCR Regulations, suspicious activities or abnormal environmental conditions to DCR Watershed Rangers or the MA State Police.
  • Boat Launch Area attendants monitor Marine Band Radio Channel 16 on a routine basis.
  • National security conditions may require the temporary closure of the watershed to all public access.
  • Notices will be posted at all access points if closure is necessary.