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Rail Plan

The Massachusetts State Rail Plan provides an overall plan for the development of rail transportation in the Commonwealth.

About the State Rail Plan

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has issued a draft of the 2018 State Rail Plan. The plan outlines the Commonwealth’s long-term plan for the statewide rail system.

To meet Federal Railroad Administration requirements, the 2018 State Rail Plan provides an overview of:

  • The existing rail system
  • The system’s overall role in the transportation network
  • How the system is financed
  • Near term priorties
  • A long-term investment strategy

The State Rail Plan does not include policy decisions regarding specific MBTA Commuter Rail investments, given several ongoing studies by the MBTA pertaining to the future of Commuter Rail. These studies include Focus40, the long range investment plan for the MBTA and the MBTA Commuter Rail Vision. Focus40 will be highlighting priorities for continued investment in Commuter Rail. A draft is anticipated in the coming months. The MBTA Commuter Rail Vision, an eighteen month effort, which has just commenced, will be studying different approaches to delivering service and system electrification, among other potential longer-term investments in the MBTA’s rail network.

What's New

The draft plan and public meeting presentation on the draft are now available in the documents section.

The public comment period is being extended two weeks to March 2nd.

Please send comments to:

Attn: Jennifer Slesinger - State Rail Plan
Massachusetts Department of Transportation
10 Park Plaza
Suite 4150
Boston, Ma 02116




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