Reinstate your expired EMT certification

The following information explains the processes for EMT and Paramedic certification reinstatement.

Reinstatement is the procedure that must be followed to regain EMT certification when an EMT is no longer eligible for recertification because education, application or submission requirements were not met within the required deadlines.

In order to reinstate, you will need to gain National Registry which may include completing an educational course as well as a cognitive and psychomotor exam.

Previously Held MA EMT-Basic Certification

If you have previously held MA EMT Basic certification and wish to reinstate, you must:

Once you have completed your education and cognitive exam requirements for the National Registry:

  • Complete and submit the EMT-Basic Recertification Application with the $150 non-refundable fee, made out to the COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS)
  • Submit a copy of both sides of your current Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) course or equivalent. 

The reinstatement process will result in National Registry certification and your MA EMT-Basic certification will follow shortly after.

Previously Held Advanced EMT or EMT Paramedic Certification

If you have previously held MA Advanced EMT or EMT Paramedic certification and wish to reinstate, you must apply for NREMT certification and complete their reentry process. You can contact the national registry at: 614-888-4484 or You can visit their website at for additional information on the ALS reentry process.

Once you receive NREMT certification, submit an initial application using the paper application. A copy of the paper application is available on our website along with detailed instructions and information about the application process.

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